My Grandma, My Corona Lover!

by Anon (Canada)

My Grandma is in mid-60s, slim body, modest pair of boobs with little sag living alone only half an hour drive’s away. So I have to see her from time to time in these days of Corona pandemic stay in her overnight and return to my place. On the last weekend as per routine, I was there. We were having drinks after diner and watching a movie sitting on the sofa. I always admired her body that looks like a 40 yrs one! And she could understand that by her instinct.

I had a bulge showing through my boxer as I watched my grandma’s boobs braless exposed from her upper unbuttoned long shirt. She had her panties on only. She too saw my bulge and quite openly she asked me to lower my boxer to look at my cock!! The wine we had together sometime back was working well. I stood up and my torso was almost aligned to her face, and showed my cock to her.

It was semi hard and hanging down all 6 inches in length, the top of my cut-cock was a mushroom flare and my scrotum and balls hanging low with their outline clearly visible. She gasped…wow! Then she asked if it performed well or not. I got bolder and said you can try and see if you like it or not. I moved closer to her slowly, she guided my cock into her mouth and started to suck my cock head.

Slowly I started to get a full hard on and my cock increased in size to about 7 inches long and extra thickness as she sucked and licked my pre-cum. I wanted to push my cock deeper into her mouth and throat but held back because this was first time she experienced my cock. Grandma held her hand on my scrotum and pressing and massaging my balls which were starting to have a slight pumping feeling. I whispered to her that soon I would be ready to pumping out hot sperm if she did not remove my cock from her mouth.

She took me to her bed room. I laid her down on her back, removed her shirt and panties. I moved up over her body, kissing her flesh, we kissed, our tongues slipping into each other's mouths as she held her thighs open for me, and she gasped when my cock smoothly slipped inside her wet-warm cunt.

I groaned, feeling her vagina completely envelope my hard cock, fantastic! Her hands were on my back, her nails pressing into me every time I slowly sank my root into her steamy juice flowing cunt, her grunts mixed with moans. And I was grunting as well, building up steam and gradually picking up the pace. She lifted her legs and started to roll her hips, meeting my thrusts with ones of her own.

I grabbed tight her boobs with my hands as I felt the wonderful feeling of just prior to unleashing my ejaculation with complete abandonment! My hips thrusting hard against her pussy, and as my cock pulsed shooting gulps of cum deep into her body, she cried out, and her cunt suddenly felt tighter against my cock as if milking my cock while her body shuddered as she reached waves of orgasm.

We laid there enjoying the feeling of post-orgasm twitching of our bodies. Then we laid there facing each other and spent cuddling and kissing for about half an hour. My mouth moved off of hers, and I kissed her cheek, before nuzzling her ear. I sucked her ear lobe, and she moaned, her hips bucking up against me briefly.

I regained my hardness. I turned myself around and positioned my mouth pushing up her thigh along her crotch area so that I can rest my head on her other thigh. I went to work on her pussy, touching, licking and chewing while she reached for my cock to take into her mouth. The heavy smell of her pussy was simply intoxicating. Her mature lips were quite large and absolutely suckable.

I had her ass cheeks spread wide, a fingertip at her asshole, while I swirled my tongue around her clit, occasionally plunging it into her hot, warm juicy pussy. Suddenly I felt her reaching climax shaking body with a muffled scream. She left my cock. I pushed her up off of my face, and she turned around and pulled her onto my waist.

She had her knees at the sides of my hips, while her tight pussy wrapped itself around my very hard cock. She had her hands on my shoulders, moving her hips while I was rubbing her wonderful breasts. It seemed to drive grandma even more into a wild lustful frenzy as she rose and fell on my hard-throbbing cock. It was easy to feel that she was without sex for a l o n g time ….

I was thrusting into her, feeling my hard cock, wanting relief, wanting to empty inside her once more. She was leaning down a bit and my hands massaging those great soft tits and twitching erect nips while she started to grind her pussy against my cock. I could feel her engorged cervix almost lashing against my cockhead.

In about 15 minutes I felt her body shudder. I screamed as well, as I lunged hard into her, my cum shooting deep into her womb! I pulled her tight against me as she slumped on to my chest pressing her boobs hard. We kissed as our hands ran over each other. "I love you," I whispered. She replied "I love you too, my grandson."

I am still visiting her during these days of Corona.

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