My Grandma, My Corona Lover: Pt 2

by Anon (Canada)

We met again last weekend at her place. Soon after dinner, I was watching an adult Russian movie on the TV sitting on the sofa. My granny came out of her room changing dress into almost see-through cotton overall – I could see her DD tits encased in her support bra and her thong down there hardly covering her crotch!

At her age about 60, she had put on some weight, but not too fat, had an ample pair of boobs and swaying ass-cheeks. She sat close to me, I could smell her body, I felt my cock having semi-hard and soon grew to a fully erect and she noticed it – as we reached to a scene on the TV screen of this fat woman riding cock hard and deep.

She looked down at my cock. She moved a bit closer to me. I put my hand on her shoulder drawing her nearer to me and felt her right breast by the other. My hand over her shoulder moved down to unclasp her bra as she scooped a bit to give me some room to do it while she was unbuttoning her blouse.

I started to massage her boobs and played with them. I heard a small moan come from her as I pinched her nips, which were already erect. She reached down to her pussy and slipped her hand into her thong to masturbate -her moans got louder.

I took her shirt off and stared at her amazing breasts. With some sag and dark red areolas, the lower part is of her boobs still felt firm. Her belly had some protruding appearance but looked exciting with the bellybutton as if buried into a hole.

I lightly bounced her boobs in my hands as she lied on her back on the sofa I moved my mouth toward them and sucked on her nipples. My tongue encircling them, softy biting as she pushed her one hand into my boxer to feel my hard-on.

My cock was so hard that I had to take off the boxer. She was still rubbing her pussy. I somehow lowered her thong down to her hipline and stared at her fat clean shaved pussy with very inviting large lips. Her chubby heavy-set thighs surrounded it and it was already soaking wet.

I am a pussy man, sucked on the lips drawing all of it in my mouth together – mouthful indeed, then one by one – moving my mouth to her engorged clit. I kneeled in front of her and stuck my middle two fingers into her drenched hole.

She gasped. I felt around the inside of her hole and suddenly I found her engorged G-spot pulsating about 3 inches into the upper side of her vagina. It felt coarser from rest of her cunt hole. I pressed it and continued stroking it. Within a few minutes she shook with orgasms. She let out a soft scream as she squirted her pees with some short intervals.

Her fat stomach and thighs were trembling with her climax! It was such an amazing sight, seeing my granny orgasm right in front of my eyes. Her juices were all over my palm and her thighs. I took my fingers out of her hole and I licked them off her thighs and the rest from her pussy.

“Let’s go to my room”. She got off the sofa, gathered her clothes and led me to her room. Opposite of the bed was a large mirror, one can watch while doing anything on the bed! She indeed has some fetish in her sexuality!!

I took my shirt and boxer off and sat next to her. She put her hand on my chest and kissed me on the lips, then licked my nips and sucked them for some time – wow! That was ecstatic! We soon locked ourselves in deep kissing slipping our tongues into our mouth. I squeezed her boobs as our tongues wrestled in our mouths. When we could go on any longer, she laid me down on the bed. The sight in the mirror made us more erotic and horny!

Her eyes got wide as she looked at my 7” thick cock with lust. She slowly stroked it a little and kissed the tip lapping on my precum. She slipped the whole length down in her throat. She picked up speed and I was moaning louder and louder. When I warned her that I was cumming, but she didn’t stop. So I released my cum into her mouth. I felt the back of her mouth swallow my cum as it shot into her.

When I stopped shooting, she cleaned my dick off. We took some rest and confessed that she still needed sex from time to time! Within half an hour I had a hard-on as she stroked my cock. She now climbed on top of me and slowly slid my cock into her warm and juicy pussy. She rode me, bounced on my hard engorged cock, grind her pussy against the base of my cock engulfing whole of it by her wet pussy lips.

We both moaned and screamed. I reached up and took hold of her tits. I squeezed them as she bounced up and down on my cock. She started screaming as I fucked her deep synchronizing with her thrusting. She leaned over me and pressed her boobs against me. She kissed me again as I squeezed her ass and pulled her onto my cock. We soon had orgasm in almost at the same time. She squirted jets of pees as I dumped my load deep into her.

It was almost passed mid-night. We snuggled with each other and drifted into sleep. Early in the morning I woke up, found her sleeping – naked and widespread legs, my cum mixed with juices still oozing out of her swollen dark pussy slit, what a sight!! I had an instant erection, my balls were twitching and cock throbbing …

I did not wake her up but instead slowly drew her thighs up and sat between her thighs, started stroking her slit with the head of my cock. She seemed to move a little with soft moan. I just climbed on top of her and slowly slid my cock into her soaking wet and warm cunt, moved my hands to squeeze her tits splayed on her both sides and started to fuck her.

Still closed eyes, she moaned in pleasure and pleaded in hoarse voice to fuck her harder and deeper… than ever! YES, I wanted to smash her pussy, plow well her cunt, and rip her fat vagina apart, if I could – I felt animalistic the reflection in the mirror opposite made me so! The sound of my scrotum slapping hard against her thick-pads of pussy lips was amazing.

My cock had never felt greater. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her hips thrusted against my torso. She had another series of convulsing orgasms. I was yet to cum. So, I flipped her onto her belly and started to finger her ass, already slippery dripping down with our juices of earlier fucks.

She knew what I wanted to do. I was too aroused and think of anything but her anal hole now! I put two fingers into her back hole. I added another finger to stretch well her hole and asked her to just relax and raise her butt high. She moaned and moaned as it stretched.

Once it had stretched enough, I stuck my cock into her ass, and slowly pushed in. Within a few seconds I went fast. I smacked her ass and pounded it as I fucked it. My hands on her hips, pulling them into me trying to get my dick as far as it can go. Puch puchs puscsh poosch … I fucked her ass for 15 minutes.

She never got tired of it and clenched her tits hard by her hands. I finally reached my climaxes shooting cum deep into her ass, she came soon after. DONE for both of us, we were both panting hard, she lowered her butt as my cock stated to get limp…

We laid on our side facing each other, with her boobs pressed against me feeling our rich bodily warmth. She pulled me closer to her and I put my arms around her. We slept with each other and fucked every night that weekend. Wish I could visit her more often now and fuck her every time. She is the best mature older woman I have ever fucked well so far.

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