My Gay Summer

by Darren (WA)

I don’t know exactly how it began. I had met Jess at the pool at the beginning of that summer, and we had started talking and becoming friends. He was nice, kind of quiet, slender in his scant swimsuit, which as about the same as I wore.

When we were in the locker room and we saw each other naked, we had both smiled over the openness and intimacy of our being together like that. It was appealing sharing that as friends.

Then one afternoon, when we left the pool, we were walking back home, both of us in t-shirts and short and wearing flip-flops. When we got to his house, he invited me in for something cold to drink.

We were in the kitchen and he had fixed us both a glass of lemonade. I complained about the wet swimsuit I had on under my shorts, and he said that his was still wet, too. He grinned and said how we could always just take them off, pointing out that nobody else was hme, an how his mom wouldn’t be back from work for several hours.

So we uninhibitedly did that, and there we were, the two of us naked together again. Only now there was nobody around and we weren’t in a public locker room. He sort of shyly said how it was nice to be that way with a friend, and I agreed.

We were both a bit unsure, but we stepped forward to share a naked embrace. It felt good doing that, to let our smooth bare skin touch, and to be expressive our feelings in that way.

Not unexpectedly I felt myself staring to get an erection, and so was he. Neither of said anything, we just let it happened, and our penises pushed stiffly up. We gently rubbed them together and both of murmured over the shared intimacy. Then we looked at one another and we kissed.

I had never kissed another guy before, and had never even tried to imagine what that would be like. Right then, it seemed like the thing to do, and I was surprised how nice it felt to have his lips touching mine. It felt special and exciting to be kissing him as another guy, and obviously he had no qualms about doing this with me.

I could tell that we were both a little unsure about doing this together, and yet it was so nice and so enticing.

We stood there holding each other, gently rubbing our erections together, with me feeling his male stiffness, and him mine. We both had our eyes squeezed shut and I moaned a little and said how good this felt, and he agreed.

For the next two minutes we continued o do this until almost at the same moment, we were climaxing. Each of us gasped and we held each other tightly. Then the intensity of our release eased and we caught our breath. He grinned modestly and said how that had been a wet one, which had it had with our combined output. I grinned back and he reached for a couple o paper towels to clean up with.

Staying naked, we finished our lemonade, neither of saying anything about what we had just done together, instead just smiling a bit self-consciously. Then I was time for me to get dressed and leave. We did a small kiss on the lips, I got dressed, and then we kissed again. I said that I would see him at the pool tomorrow.

We met at the pool and everything was just normal. After being there for about an hour, he asked if I wanted to go over to his house. I said, sure. So we went over to his house. We were both grinning with eager anticipation, and he asked if I wanted to get naked. I was all for doing that.

We stripped off and quickly slipped back into each other’s arms. This time we kissed quite passionately, using our tongues. As we did, we reached a hand down to fondle each other’s erection. It was exciting feeling his dick and having him feel mine.

Without a word he dropped down and took my penis into his mouth. I was surprised. It felt terrific feeling his wet mouth sliding up and down my hard dick. He only did this for less than a minute, and well before I felt the urge to ejaculate, and he pulled his mouth away and grinned at me.

Feeling encouraged, I tried sucking on his dick. It was really thrilling doing that and I mouthed him thoroughly. Then we kissed some more. Finally, while we were doing this we managed to jack each other off. It was great giving each other pleasure like that and taking care of each other’s needs.

The morning we met at the pool, but we only stayed a short time before we left and went to his house.

Once more we were eager to be nakedly engaging and we wasted no time. He suggested that this time we go into his bedroom, so we did. We kissed and hugged and felt one another with a happy abandon.

Finally he looked at me in a rather serious way and asked if I wanted to do it in his butt. I was surprised. But he was prepared and produced a small bottle of lubrication. Using some, he got on his hands and knees and on the bed, and I got on my knees behind him.

Very slowly I eased my erection into his butt. He moaned a little and I started to fuck him. I remember thinking how it was really cool getting to do this with him. There was no embarrassment or worry about looking gay or anything.

I slid my boner in and out f his butt and he masturbated himself while I did that. Then he ejaculated and this excited me and I ejaculated inside of him. I was amazed by how gratifying it was to give him my sperm as another guy, and he loved it, too.

We spent the rest of that summer being lovers and we continued on for the next three years. This was my gay summer.

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