My Frank

by Carol (Florida)

Hi my name is Carol and I’ve had plenty of sexual experiences in my life. This is one of the good ones that I was sad to see end. My husband, Rocky travels a lot for business so I’m home alone a lot. I’m five feet, long blonde hair, 34dds, a great ass and great legs. I guess you could say I’m in great shape and I owe it to great sex and swimming.

We have a very large pool in the back of our house and when we moved here, our next door neighbor, Frank introduced himself. Frank is I’d say in his late seventies, tall and in very good shape. I like to be naked by the pool and I always catch Frank trying to catch a peek. I think it’s rather funny, but you know sooner or later he had to catch me.

I was by the pool masturbating by the pool and when I look over Frank is standing there pulling on his big cock. I get up put my towel around and say Frank what do you thing you’re doing? He says Carol I’m just enjoying the view. I got so mad I said to him on the show is over and went inside. I ate dinner, took a shower and started to watch a movie.

I had a problem, even though I yelled at Frank I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock. The next day I got up took a shower, grabbed a towel and my coffee and went outside. I was so wet thinking of Frank would again catch me. I sipped my coffee, let the towel hit the floor and started to relax to the music that was playing. I was outside for awhile, and no Frank. I know he wants to fuck me as I want him.

I hear a lawnmower and I’m hoping it’s not my horny little landscaper Able. I would put shows on for Able an then one day I fucked him, being doing it ever since. I really want Frank and when I open my eyes, Frank is naked pulling again on his big cock. I didn’t cover up and I said to Frank why don’t you join me. He opened the lanai door and came inside.

He said Carol I have to fuck you because I can’t stop thinking about you. He sat down next to and started rubbing my big tits. He says Rocky sure is a lucky man and I answer and so are you. Frank immediately starts to suck my nipples and puts two fingers inside me. Frank says Carol OMG you’re so wet. I said yes Frank I thought about you all night.

He put his head between my legs and said you even taste good Carol. I told him don’t talk keep eating. Now Om ready to be fucked so I grab his hair pull him up on top of me and say fuck me Frank fuck me. Frank sinks his big cock deep inside of me and I wrap my legs around him and tell him how good his cock feels inside me. Frank is slamming my pussy and I’m cumming all over him.

Frank cums deep inside me and then puts his cock in my mouth so I could clean it and taste his cum. I was amazed he was still hard so I got on all fours spread my pussy and said fuck me again Frank and again he slams his cock inside me. I’m in heaven and my old neighbor is giving me the cock I’ve been missing when Rocky is gone. I cum twice more and Frank cums and collapses on top of me.

We get up take a shower and he says can I take a beautiful lady out to dinner. I laughed and he said no Carol I’ll cook for you. Now you’re talking, great sex and now you’re going to feed me. He said dinner at eight and I said ok see you then. Well eight is here and I have my read satin robe on, loosely tied and red pumps.

I ring Frank’s bell he opens the door and I drop my robe. Frank pulls me inside lays me on a table and I said to him do you want dessert first. He didn’t hesitate as he pushed his cock inside me. Frank looks at me and says shut up I’m going to do what I want to do to you. Frank rolls me over and I feel his cock rubbing against my ass and I tell him yes Frank fuck my ass.

Frank slowly pushes his cock in my ass and then starts to slam my ass. He felt so good in my ass, but I wanted to feel his cum in my ass because it makes me cum so hard. OMG yes Frank fuck my ass cum inside it. I feel Frank explode in my ass and I cum so hard I almost pass out. He puts his cock in my mouth and says taste your ass now.

I like Frank getting a little rough with me. Mmmmmmm my ass tasted good along with Frank’s cum. We were having dinner and I was masturbating Frank with my feet. I really do eat much, but I needed my fill of cock. Frank gets up, picks me up and we head to his bedroom. Frank had a massage table set up and he says get on the table I’ll give you a massage.

I climb up on the table and Frank puts warm oil all over my back. He begins massaging me and he asks how does it feel Carol. I answer great. After about a half an hour he says time to turn over, which I do. He immediately starts to massage my tits, pulling lightly on my nipples. I’m so wet again. Frank’s hands go up and down my legs and then I feel his fingers inside me.

He said to me your pussy is so big you could probably take a horse Cock. I said to Frank bring it on. With that he jumped up on the table and stuck his cock inside and started to fuck me like an animal. He says to me you would really fuck a horse. I said to him you said I should fuck a horse and he says OMG I could picture that in my mind. I said to Frank bring me to a stable and I’ll show you.

He was so excited he was up on his toes slamming my pussy. We both came and I wanted to leave because I was getting a little sore. When I was leaving, Frank said let’s go to the stable tomorrow and I said to him anything you want. He grabbed me and put his cock again inside me and fucked me until he came. I said ok Frank I’m getting sore so it’s time to go home.

He looks at me and says you not kidding about tomorrow are you. I asked him if he would get excited watching me and he answered yes. I said I’m not kidding. The next morning I’m getting ready and Frank rings my bell and says he’s not feeling well. I said ok too bad today was your day. I let him come inside and lay down.

I put his cock in my mouth and he said yes Carol suck my cock. I’ve always loved to suck a cock and never had any complaints. I grab his cock climb on top and begin to ride him. I tell him yes Frank fuck me like the horse wants to fuck me. He came immediately and I climbed off him and fell into his arms.

Frank asks Carol would you’ve really done that, I said for you anything. Frank passed away last year and I miss our fuck sessions. We never did the horse thing and now my new neighbor looks just like Danny DeVito. I won’t be fucking him no time soon. I miss my Frank. TRUE STORY.

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