My First Time with my Son

by Nickie (CN)

Having my son’s hard dick in me felt so good. I loved seeing that look on his face, which was between excited and that he couldn’t believe that he was doing this with his own mom. Of course I could hardly believe that I was doing this with my own son.

There I was lying naked on the bed beneath him, my legs well apart, and my son’s erect penis was sliding in and out of my vagina, feeling extremely male in me.

“Oh, Darren …” I told him. “This feels so good!”

“It does, mom,” He told me.

We continued fucking, and there I was fucking with my own son and I was enjoying it. I was probably the worst mom in the world. Although I knew that mothers and sons did do things like this together, just that it was seldom if ever talked about or even discussed. I had even heard how it was becoming much more common for divorced moms like me to have sex with their sons. There was just something so appealing about that, for a mother to be sexual with her own son. To be a woman with him and not just a mom. With his penis in my vagina he certainly knew that I was a woman now.

“Oh, mom …” He breathed as he held himself above me on outstretched arms, his hips working up and down to keep his penis sliding in and out of me.

“Oh, honey ..” I told him. “I like feeling you fucking me.” I used the “F” word quite deliberately. I usually never did around him. But I found this exciting to say to him. “Your penis feel so hard and good.”

“It is hard with you, mom,” he told me.

Ordinary he would never be telling me, his mom, how hard his penis was. Boys never told their moms about things like that. But I could tell that he enjoyed telling me that now.

“Oh, honey … just keep fucking me. Keep fucking me.”

“I love fucking you, mom. It feels so good.”

“Oh … you’re going to make me cum,” I announced. I felt him increasing his thrusts into me, pushing me over the edge. I started having an orgasm. And there I was, cumming with my own son. “Oh … Oh … yes!” I panted. “Uhhhhhhh … Uhhhhhhhhhh …”

I laid there and let it all happened nakedly beneath him, my vagina filled with my son’s hard erection. I felt so deliciously like a whore with my legs apart and impelled by his erection and shamelessly climaxing like that as the needs of my naked body were being met.

“Oh, yeah, mom …” I heard him tell me, enjoying my sexual elation.

I called out his name. “Oh, Darren … Darren ..”

And his penis fucked me so well. My own son’s penis was fucking me.

I loved having my own son being so male with me. There was a very real and deep satisfaction in this.

When my orgasm was easing down, leaving me breathless, I knew that he was getting ready to cum. And he did. I heard him grunt and then I felt him push deep into me and I knew that he was ejaculating and giving me his sperm. That felt so wonderful.

“Oh, honey … yes … yes …” I told him, my hands on his bare smooth buttocks, pressing him farther down into me if that was possible. I wanted so desperately to feel him do that in me. I wanted to have his sperm in me. My own son’s sperm. I could hardly believe that I wanted him to be biologically complete in me. As a mother, though, I found this exciting and so satisfying, actually quite wantoningly so. I wanted to feel my son being reproductive in me. And there he was, doing just that, satisfying my basic womanly urge and my reason for having a vagina.

When it was over he had this kind of drained look on his face. As he recovered this was replaced by a slightly modest look. I understood, of course. I felt the same way. We had just fucked and made love for the first time as mother and son. It was quite an extraordinary experience, so personal, so intimate and so loving.

Oh, yes, I already knew that we were going to be experiencing more of this together.

To the reader –

Yes, it was very much like this for me, the first time that my son and I had sex. I had been divorced for about a year and my son and I were close and somehow I found myself wanting have sex with him, and him with me. Hardly extraordinary, as this can be and is very appealing. I can only encourage other mothers and sons out there that, if they feel this is right for them, that they follow through on their shared desires and may be they can be happy, too.

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