My First Time with my Neighbor John: Part 1

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

I met John about two weeks after moving to Missouri from Texas.
I bought a place about quarter mile across road from John in the country that is what we call a close neighbor.

I was clearing a few acres of land that had been neglected for years trying to get it clean to mow it.
John came by on his tractor and moved some large trees and limbs that I was trying to move with my truck.

John and I started talking about our lives what we had retired from and states we lived in.
Then John asked what we done for fun in Texas on my days off work.

I told John that we mostly got together with a friend or two bar b que have a few drinks and watch porn mostly.
John asks if my wife let me watch porn without busting my balls.

I told John watching porn was okay with my wife it made her want to bust balls.
Then he asks if my wife watched porn with me and friends to.
I told him yes, she did and he said wish his wife would watch porn with him and friends.

Then I told John that things do get out of hand if he decides to try that with friends.
He wanted to know what I meant by that. I told him that we ended up nude and doing threesomes or foursomes if two friends over at same time.

John was a big old country boy and did not know people did that.
John asked if I let my friends fuck my wife. I told him I let my friends fuck my wife and let my wife suck their dicks or them eat her pussy.
I told him many times my friends fuck her while she sucks my dick or other friend's dick and many times, I fuck her while she sucks friend's dicks.

He asks if that was all I done and I said no that just about every time a friend would fill my wife's pussy with cum, I would eat the cum from her pussy.
John said you actually ate your friend's cum. I said many times John many times.
Then John asks if I ever sucked their dicks for the cum.

I told him I never sucked their dicks in front of my wife but I did suck their dicks 1 on 1 when wife not around.
He asked if they sucked my dick in return, I told him yes, they did then I told him that we done 69's and we also done anal sex.

John said he think I was feeding him a line of shit that he doesn't believe I suck dicks that he has to see it to believe it.
I told John that's no problem let's step in the barn. We went in the barn and I put a saddle blanket on the ground got on my knees undone his belt and snap zipped down dropped his pants to his ankles stroked and licked his dick hard then swallowed it to his balls.

John moaned in pleasure and said god I never had anyone take my dick to the balls before.
I had heard of these big old country boys with big country dicks and I had sucked a few country cousin's dicks before so did not believe the stories about country boy big dicks but John was living proof that big country boys dicks do exist after all.

John must have had a 10" dick very very thick to. I have sucked dicks since my teen years and could deep throat all that I had come across with no problem but John's dick was so thick I had to force it down my throat never had my throat stretched that far before and when he cum it was like a huge flood of cum.

After John shot his load, he sucked my dick in return and I tongued his ass awhile then got balls deep in his ass.
After I finished John's ass then he got balls deep in my ass he not only stretched it wide he stretched it deep to.

I have all my land fenced in but I put an extra gate by my barn I call it John's gate when he calls, I meet him at the gate or in the barn.
He loves his dick getting deep throated and I love his big country boy dick in my ass balls deep.
We have barn dates 3-4 times a week.


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