My First Time at a Glory Hole

by Steve (Arlington, WA)

My first time at an adult theater. I am 58 years old and i am bi curious about men so i went to adult theater one time to watch other men there sucking and fucking men in their asses.

I started off by going to the glory holes and put in some money into the video slot I noticed some holes in the walls one on both sides. I put some money into the machine and selected a video I believe it was a shemale porn.

Well it starts playing and I heard the door close on both sides of me I got kind of excited and the one guy stuck his dick through the hole.

So I pulled my pants down and bent over I noticed he was wearing a condom so everything was looking great for me so i started to suck his cock he was quite large that was a definitely a turn on for me because I wanted a large cock.

He must have been about 8 or 9 inches really thick also 7 or 8 inches in diameter that is a huge cock i said he replied can you take it I said I will give it the old collage try so i started to suck him the other hole came up with a cock also about the same size.

The spaces were kind of small so may asshole was really close to it he also had a condom on his cock so I just backed up right to it and he started to fuck me really good and hard.

After about 10 or 15 minutes their i asked them both if we could go into the theater and play in there they said sure they would love to so we left our booths and met up in there were a lot of men in there already i had no idea what was going to happen next but I was game for it.

The man with the larger cock told me to bend over and put my hands down by the bottom of the chair so I did as he asked me to do. As I was looking towards the screen of the theater he put some handcuffs on my hands and hand cuffed me to the chairs.

He then put a ball gage on me so I could not scream or yell. Then i noticed all the men lining up around me the one man with the huge cock said come and fuck my slut do anything you want.

They all wanted a turn at my asshole of course. I could not yell as they all came over and started to fuck me hard and long I was hoping they were all wearing condoms.

After about 5 guys or so my ass was so perforated out that anything could happen now and I would not feel anything it was so large I could not feel if they were wearing condoms or not.

I the noticed something running down my legs it was cum so they were just fucking me raw and not saying thing to me he then took off the ball gag and asked how I was feeling I could lie it felt great I loved it.

I have been back a couple of time since then and always liked going bareback for all the cum I can get in my mouth and asshole I test myself regularly and I am still neg so I just love to get fucked and get filled with cum all the time I always douche out afterwards.


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