My First Real M4M Experience

by Fred (Maple Valley, WA)

It was back in the late 90's. We had just purchased our first home computer. Back when dial up was how you connected to the internet. AOL is where it started for me. I was looking around and found chat rooms. The next thing I know I am in a m4m chat room.

I was not sure what exactly it was but I entered out of curiosity and went back out of being horny. I found out after a few weeks that you could select chat rooms for locations as well as topics. I found a chat room for a location that was close to where we were living at the time and ended up chatting with a guy that agreed to meet me to give me a blow job.

My thought was if I let a guy suck me, it did not make me gay and was not really cheating, I mean after all he would be sucking me right? How different is that from jacking off, this is how I rationalized it in my mind. Plus the chat was all about me getting sucked nothing else.

We agreed to meet at my office on a Saturday. I considered not showing up, but figured that would not do any good because now he knew where I worked and I may as well follow through with it, after all it is just a blow job right? He is doing the sucking so what is there to be afraid of?

There I am sitting at my desk when he shows up. We chat briefly the he says where can we go to do this?

I am nervous as all get out, but take him to a back room after locking the front door to the office. Once in the back room he starts to touch me and tells me how good he thinks I look. Lots of little talk like that as he is moving his hands across my body. Both of us standing facing each other. I am wearing shorts (no underwear) and a t-shirt. He is wearing jeans and a polo style shirt.

He moved closer and before he ever touched my dick it started to get hard. I could not believe that the touch of a guy could get me so aroused so quickly. He finally got around to actually touching me dick and when he did it got even harder.

He smiled and said "I guess you are ready?" I just nodded, he undid the button and unzipped my shorts and they just fell to the floor.

He laughed and said "you must really want this, you did not even bother to put on underpants" I just smiled and whispered yes.

He took his time and put the head of my dick in his mouth. Licking it slightly as he pushed his lips over the head. He moved his mouth up and down on my throbbing dick, the entire time I am trying to remain as calm as I can but all I can think about is how good it feels and how I want more.

He continued to suck me and touch me, grabbing my ass and fondling my nipples from under my shirt. I could not understand why I liked it so much and why I was feeling like I just wanted more and more and more. I do not know how long he sucked me but it was for a good while, he must have sensed I was wanting to cum because he stopped and stood up abruptly.

He unbuttoned his pants and took down his underwear and pants and said now you suck me. I said no I only want to receive not give.

He said "it's only fair I sucked you".

I protested again and he put my hand on his cock and said come on you know you want to. I did not really want to but I did figure it was only fair he did suck me, he did drive from a good distance so I should at least return the favor.

I knelt down in-front of him and slowly put his dick in my mouth, it was larger than mine and it was a little thicker than mine. I tried to remember all the things he did while sucking me so I could do the same thing to him. I found that after a few minutes I just wanted to suck it.

So I put my hands on the bottom of his shaft and slowly sucked him. Up and down, pausing to kiss the head of it, licking the tip (he quivered) running my tongue up and down his shaft, licking my lips and turning my head put his cock between my lips and moved up and down on his hard cock.

I lost complete track of the outside world all I could think about was how good this tasted and how much I liked doing it. I kept licking and sucking and stroking until he pushed me off while pulling back.

I was surprised by this and he said do you want to cum? I said no he asked if I was sure, I said yes. He said okay I won't cum either and next we will both cum.

I never saw him again.

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