My First Guy Experience

by Dave (NC)

I don’t know how exactly I got into doing that with Rick. Except that it was summer and I sort of knew him from college. He was nice enough, average.

I was sort of surprised when I was over at his house one afternoon and found out that he was into guy stuff. He didn’t seem gay, he just liked doing stuff like that with other guys. I never had, but I was curious and it sounded like fun. Nobody else was at home, so we got naked in his room upstairs.

Rick, like me, was thing and reasonably good looking. It was neat seeing him with a boner and having one with him without having to be embarrassed about it.

His dick was fairly long but thin, and he just had a big grin on his face showing that to me. I was grinning too, although somewhat more modestly.

We started playing with each other’s dick and it was pretty neat getting to actually hold and feel another guy’s. I was surprised by how much I liked doing that with him and enjoyed the guy-affinity between us. After a while he sucked on my dick a little bit, so I tried sucking on his. Had had never imagined doing that, but it was exciting to have his maleness in my mouth.

Then while lying on the bed and he was again feeling my hard dick, he started playing with my balls which I really liked. As he did that, he slipped a finger down to tease and tickle my butt hole. Again I had never had that done before and was surprised by just how stimulating that was.

I remember that he was grinning and looking quite pleased and delighted and I suppose that I was, too. He pushed his finer into my butt hole a little bit and that was even more exciting. The he said that he wanted to put his dick in my butt. I was hesitant, but I didn’t object.

He got me to roil over onto my stomach on the bed, and he slicked his hard cock with some lubrication. And then I laid there and waited while he got sort of on top of me. I felt the firmness of his hard dick pushing gently at my butt hole, and the then next thing I knew he was sliding his boner into me.

I drew in a breath and tensed a little. He waited a moment until I relaxed and he began to slide his dick in and out of me. It didn’t hurt and just felt a little uncomfortable, but at the same time it felt extremely exciting having my butt hole violated like this by his male organ.

His insertions were gentle and easy and unhurried, and I had lots of time to think about how it felt to have my tight butt hole stretching around the thin circumference of his erection, and to have it length going deep into my anal sheath. I was amazed by how rigid this was making my own erection that was pressed against the soft sheet beneath me.

Rick started telling me how good it felt to have his dick in me and how much he was enjoying doing this with me. I just laid there, surprised by the thought that I was being fucked by another guy. That Rick actually had his dick in me. It was very exciting and suddenly, I was practically shocked to find myself ejaculating. It just happened uncontrollably and my boner was throbbing and shooting out my semen against the sheet.

Then Rick pushed his boner all the way into me and kept it there, and he started ejaculating. I laid there as he gave me his wet liquid. The idea that he was actually putting his sperm into me seemed very male and I liked that.

Then we both took a moment to recover and he pulled his dick from me and I rolled over and he sat there. We both grinned at one another. He confessed that he had noticed me and had wondered if I would want to fuck, and but he had been afraid to approach me, being unsure.

I had no idea, of course, that he had been noticing of me in that way, but I felt flattered that he had been. I didn’t think of it as being gay, exactly, but more just this camaraderie between guys and I liked that.

We kissed some, not passionately, but more just affectionately between guys and I liked that, too.

I knew that lots of guys were homosexually indulgent without being gay. I never had been. The opportunity for me to be had not presented itself until now, but I was pleased that it had. Rick and I fucked quite a bit that summer.

I fucked him a few times, finding out what it was like to have my dick in another guy’s butt, and to give another guy my sperm, which was so satisfying to do. Mostly, though, I let Rick fuck me. I really did like how that felt having Rick’s long lean erection in my butt, communicating his feelings of friendship.

This is an actually story of my very first homosexual experience. Rick and I remained very close friends all throughout school. I never became gay, although I believe that he did. It did open my mind up to appreciating male closeness and sexual enjoyment, and I have since over the years had been indulgent with a few friends on occasion.

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