My First Gay Encounter

by Drave Shepherd (Alabama)

It all started out when I accidentally opened up a gay video while I was watching lesbian porn and almost immediately I got turned on and when I jacked off watching the video it was one of the best orgasms I have ever felt and that led to me discovering gay gloryholes and after letting a man suck me off the first time I wound up letting 13 more men suck my cock.

While I watched gay porn over a year and a half and I started fantasizing about me sucking a mans cock and what it would feel like to have a cock in me but it was just fantasy except I did reach through the gloryhole one time and wrapped my fingers around a massive cock and jacked on him for a few minutes and even though I enjoyed how his cock felt it just wasn’t for me.

I loved being sucked off and watching men fucking other men and then I found Twink porn and I knew I was going to fuck me a smooth gay boy, so several years go by I get a call from an old friend who I’ve known since we were 16 years old and he tells me I should come to his house and spend the weekend and I told him I would be there the following weekend.

So I drive about 7 hours to get back to where we grew up and gay sex never entered my thoughts but I did realize I was horny as hell when I got there, I pick him up and we grab some beer and drive around out in the country and we stopped by the river to take a piss.

For some reason when we got out I just unzipped my jeans and pulled out my semi erect cock in front of him and he looked right at my cock and said I’ve always wanted to see your cock and I felt my cock getting harder and then I said I’ve been watching gay porn and letting men suck my cock and now I’m rock hard and he’s still staring at my cock and I tell him you’ve seen mine I would really like to see yours and then he says let’s go back to my house I want to show you something.

I’m super curious and now I want to see his cock and we get back in the truck and I still have my cock out and I tell him again I want to see your cock and he unzips his jeans and pulls them down and his very hard cock is standing at attention and we are staring at each other’s cocks and I tell him about jacking on one mans cock for a few minutes and I really want to feel your cock right now and he says go ahead because I’m going to grab yours too.

So we are driving back to his house and he’s playing with my cock and I’m playing with his and for some strange reason I was loving how his hard cock felt, he lives out of town and neighbors are few there and when we got back to his house we both stripped naked in my truck and got out and I followed him inside and was checking his ass out and I was hoping for some gay encounter with my friend.

We get inside and he tells me he’s going to get his porn out and comes back and he puts in the DVD player and hits play and Tranny porn is what he loves and then tells me that he’s been using butt plugs while he watches Tranny porn and then asks me if I want to fuck him, I said yes immediately and he grabs my cock and pulls me to his bedroom.

I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited in my life knowing I’m getting ready to fuck a man, he has me lay down on my back and then he lays on top of me and our cocks are rubbing together and I feel like I’m going to cum any second and then he gets off and goes and gets some anal lube and starts rubbing it all over my cock and I reach out and get ahold of his cock and I feel it actually pulsating like mine.

He then starts lubing up his asshole and straddles me and he guides my cock to his asshole and when they connected I felt electricity and he starts slowly lowering his asshole onto my cock and I’m watching my cock going into my friends asshole and he asks me if he is tight and I tell him it’s better than any pussy I’ve fucked.

He slides all the way down until he’s sitting on me with my cock inside him and he says he’s never been filled up until now and it’s time to start fucking and we get a nice pace going and then he starts slamming his ass down on my cock and I tell him I’m going to cum and he grinds his asshole down and I started cumming and then without any manual stimulation his cock starts shooting cum straight at my face and I feel it running down my chin and I’m emptying all my cum inside him.

I caught some of his cum in my mouth and swallowed it all, I can feel my cock getting soft inside him and when he rolls off me I see my cum running out of his asshole, I stayed 2 nights and I fucked him several more times and I told him when I come back next time I want him to fuck me. I’ve been married for 35 years and love my wife and we have an incredible sex life she doesn’t know about my gay side yet!

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