My First Experience in Moroccan Bath

by Yani (Dubai, UAE)

Two days ago, I went to a Turkish barbershop, I used to go before, after a break of more than 6 years and wanted to try a Moroccan bath. I got surprised and fascinated by a handsome muscular body young guy in his twenties who enters the bathroom with me in order to serve me and give me Moroccan bath.

In fact, I couldn't resist looking at him. He would put soap on my body and rub my whole body. I was only putting a towel for the bottom part and I was sitting inside the bathtub, and he was sitting outside the bathtub, He was friendly and talkative and kept asking me about life in Dubai.

From his conversation with me, I knew that he had enough experience and he would do more than only bath and massage to the customer if he was asked! I agreed with him to give me massage after finishing from Moroccan bath. while ago we finished from Moroccan bath went out to massage room, he asked me to wear my boxer-short under rob, he served me coffee while waiting for him to prepare the massage kits.

Then he asked me to lay down in my back to massage front parts and my legs, then he turned me and started giving massage my neck and back, he was riding my back as a horse and started pushing hard by both hands on my shoulders, then he asked can I grab and massage your batt? I told yes ! go ahead it’s yours!

He kept massaging my butt for more than 15 minutes and putting warm oil, he was keeping asking are you ok ? do you feel good? can I continue! my reply all the time was yes please, go ahead…

As his head entered my canal, a calm came over me that I had never felt before. It was if I was in another world, a world of sereneness. I felt his head moving inside me and I closed my eyes, savoring the feeling of being filled with a hard cock.

I raised my hips up a little more in the air and he went deeper, deeper than I thought he could or that I could let him. Now he was filling a deep desire that I have had for many years, a desire to feel what it was like to have a hard cock pushed up my canal.

I think I sighed a little bit because he stopped and waited for a second before continuing his journey inside me. I felt the hairs on his groin against my bare thighs and his balls resting just under them. He was fully inside me now and waiting for me to adjust to his size and girth. I sighed again as he slowly pulled his cock out of me until just his head was inside me.

I waited and he again pushed his entire length into me before starting to thrust back and forth, filling me up with a thrust in and emptying me with a thrust out. Soon, I felt his balls slapping against my thighs every time he thrust up into me. I also felt his sweat dripping on my chest as he fucked me, grabbed the back of my legs and pulled them more towards my chest as he continued to pound me energetically.

I moved with him, rocking back and forth with every thrust and we groaned together when I felt his head expanding. Suddenly, my ass felt hot as he cum, filling my canal with his seed, over and over again. He stopped thrusting and just held himself inside me as he emptied himself.

Finally, after what seemed a long time, he pulled his spent cock out of me and with it come a stream of hot cum. It ran down the back of my still raised thighs and into the crack of my ass.

After relaxing for several minutes, I got up and dressed, This was the first time for me fucked by Turkish guy. Finally at long last I experience new guy and It was not going to be the last and maybe next time, I could have more than one cock inside me.

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