My First BBC

by Anonymous

I'm 19 very fit and i have 32dd tits. I was out drinking one nite and decided to get an uber ride home, so finally he showed up at the place where i was and i got in.

He turned and smiled i was in a black dress with thigh highs and panties he asked where i was going he was a nice-looking black man not much older than me.

I told him where as i smiled back and soon we were chatting and laughing about things and he asked if i had a boyfriend and i smiled and said no.

He asked if he could get to know me and i said sure and soon, he found a quiet place and joined me in the back seat, and soon we were kissing and he slid his hand along my thigh and started rubbing my clitty.

As i moaned i whispered in his ear that i d never had sex with a black man before and he smiled as he kept going.

He whispered in my ear to meet him at the back of the car and i did and he smiled as he asked me to suck his cock and i got on my knees as he slid his pants down.

I stared at his 11"dick and then i slowly suck him hard, then i got up and he had me lift my dress up and turn around and lean over the trunk as he slid my panties off.

I felt him slide his dick into me slowly filling my tight pussy as he went as he went deeper it hurt a little and then i felt him push into my cervix.

He was fucking me as i moaned, i loved him in me as i felt his hands on my hips and soon he pushed deep into my cervix and i felt his hot sperm filling my cervix up then he held still for a moment an pulled out.

I turned around and smiled and we kissed, i asked when he got off and he told me and i asked him to come back that night.

He said he would and later he did and i was ready for more, we fuck for the rest of the night.

As we rested, he smiled and asked if he wanted me to let him bring a couple friends over and i giggled and said of course.

The next evening, he came over with a friend and soon we were naked in my bedroom they both took turns eating my pussy and sucking my tits.

Then i went into a doggie position and had one of them fucking me while i was sucking the other.

After a bit i being filled with cum and swallowing and then they were fucking me missionary until i was full and leaking as we laid there they smiled and said they would continue to fuck me often and i smiled and said no problem.

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