My First BBC

by Buck Naked (SC)

I was parked for the night and I had been watching porn when I stumbled across a bi video.

It was of a guy and his girlfriend he was eating her pussy and ass she was sucking his cock then they started to fuck.

In the room was a very well hung black man he hovered over both as they took turns sucking his cock he was fingering the guy's ass then he put lube on his cock and into and around the guy's ass..

He took his cock placed in against the guy's anus and forced it deep inside..

I was so turned on I decided to post my first BBC I had a guy reply right away I had already showered and cleaned out my ass.

So I gave him directions to my big truck he arrived and got in it was dark and I was already naked.

After he undressed I started sucking his cock it was 9.5 inches and really thick after i swallowed his load I sucked him hard and we both lubed up his cock with my anus.

I had a few experiences with a friend who was around 6 inches but nothing prepared me for the size of his monster..

After pushing and rubbing his cock around my hole the enormous head and 6 inches of his shaft entered me.

I felt pleasure and pain he pulled back and shoved forward pushing almost 7 inches in he held it there letting me get use to his size and girth.

All the while keeping constant pressure pushing inside, his body was toned and he kept applying more pressure until his dick was inching deeper into me.

After about 10 minutes he was fully embedded inside my ass it hurt but felt good at the same time.

He slowly worked his cock in and out picking up the pace he was eventually pistoning in and out with hard deep deliberate strokes faster and faster, his heavy balls slapping against my cheeks I could feel his cock swell stretching me even more..

With a short and a low dull growl I felt him pushing and release his sperm balls deep into my anal cavity..

He emptied his seed inside of me withdrew his cock it made a popping sound wiped his cock got dressed and left.

My legs were shaking my asshole gaping his seed dripping out I wiped off but it still kept seeping out for another 25 minutes I messaged him again and told him he could have cum as many times as he wanted..

He returned and brutally fucked me twice more before leaving..

I got to see him more but that will have to be told later..

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