My First Adult Bisexual Experience

by Randy T (Baton Roug, LA)

I still remember my first real adult experience. I was living in Tennessee and had my own place. It was a Friday evening and I was horny and wanted to get out my toys watch some porn and jack myself off for hours. It was back in the late 80`s. I was very young limber and could suck my own dick and even cum in my own ass which I liked to use my dildos after I came in myself.

I went up to the local video store. All the regular videos were out front but the adult ones were thru this door in a back room. I was alone in the back room looking for some very kinky hardcore all male videos to get off too. I never liked to get caught looking in that section because I am very straight acting masculine man no one would ever suspect me of wanting sex with men but I sure did, it had been years since I had sex with another man and I was ready for it.

This nice looking man came thru the door in a suit and tie he was a bit older than me maybe in his early 30`s. He spoke and asked how I was doing an we talked a bit. While I made like I was looking at the straight movies but he knew what I was looking at. I left with several gay videos and my dick was getting hard and my asshole was more than ready for some toys. I couldn't wait to cum in my ass and start using my toys watching gay porn.

When I pulled out of the parking lot headed to my house I noticed this guy in a really nice car flashing his lights. I turned right on the street I lived on and he was still behind me flashing his lights so I pulled over to see what he wanted. It was the nice looking man in the suit from the video store he was nice and friendly and told me he noticed that I had some gay movies and asked if I was bi or gay I told him neither really but I was very curious and hadn't had sex with a man in years. He told me he was married but very bisexual and If I was interested, he would like to watch the movies with me.

I was horny as hell and wanted a real man with a very hard real dick naked with me in my house so I told him OK follow me. I sure am glad I did because this guy had a very nice thick cut 8" cock that I enjoyed for hours in every room of my house and once I mentioned that this was much better than my toys he wanted to see my toys and I had several and he asked if I would enjoy laying back and letting him use them on me. I said sure and he edged me for over an hour sucking my dick using my dildos on me and when he got to my big thick 10" rubber cock he said you like this one I said all of it.

He was anxious to put it in me and once he had it all the way up my ass he was over the top of me in a 69 and was sucking my dick and fucking my ass with the big rubber cock and I put his dick in my mouth and told myself I was going to let him cum in my mouth and my hands were on his ass rubbing and squeezing and we were sucking each other's dicks and I know he was getting as much pre cum as I was and I gagged myself several times trying to get that really nice hard dick in my throat and when I came he had that 10" dildo all the way up my ass and I shot the biggest load ever and he really came a lot and it went down pretty easy and we sucked and licked on each other's cocks and balls for a very long time.

He pulled the dildo out of my asshole and rolled off of me and I explained to him that I hadn't had sex with a man in years and if it was OK with him, I wasn't going to have any limits and for him to do whatever he wanted to do to me. He had some great ideas and said at some point he wanted to call his wife I said OK then he said later on when I `m fucking you in the ass I want her to listen to you and you talk to her while I`m fucking you and let her hear me cum in your ass. She loves that. I told him to tell her to come over and watch. He just laughed and said maybe next time.

We sucked dick all over the house and he fucked me in every room of my house shot numerous big loads u my ass with his wife talking to me on the phone and he fucked me with my toys and I got him to use a long thin dildo and his big dick on my ass at the same time. I got out my Polaroid camera that I used to take pics of myself playing with my ass and we took a whole pack of pic of us sucking and fuckin and one of my favorites was one of my ass when I was face down with my dick sticking out between my lags with a dildo up my ass cum all over my nuts and his cum all over my dick and balls It was my favorite but he wanted to show it to his wife so I let him have it.

Over the next two months he came by the house for a night of kinky sex then one December evening he called and wanted to come by but when he got there, he had another man with him in a suit and tie also. I was a little disappointed and thought we wouldn't be fucking that night. After a few beers and some conversation, on he told me well its up to you but I brought a friend along because I figured you might want two cocks and my buddy here has a very nice one you might like.

They stayed until noon the next day and I tried to see how big of a slut I could be and his friend was a little longer but very thick and they fucked the hell out of me and once I was riding one of their cocks and he grabbed me and pulled my chest to his and held me while the other one got behind me and worked his big dick up my ass and they both fucked me and came in my ass and I told them my fantasy was to be used by 2 men or a group of men until I couldn't walk and I took off the next day and laid around the house on a towel to catch the cum that leaked out of my ass until late that evening.

It was by far the wildest best M2M sex I have ever had and I never seen him again and he was going to put together a gang bang for me and I watched gay gang bang movies for two months getting ready for my group fuck and he said he was going to bring a black friend of his that was bisexual that fucked his wife all the time but he never showed up.

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