My Fantasy

by Anonymous

So here’s my story. I have to tell someone fully because it has got to happen.

Hopefully it happens tonight bc it’s been a dream of mine. I want so bad to have a 3 or foursome.

One girl two guys and me. I think about it at certain times and I fantasize about it a lot it has to happen.

It’s consuming me. I want to get in a super sexual aroused mood and just fuck. I want to first start with the female she’s super sexual and bi.

I want to lick her clit and use my dildo to penetrate her while the other man or men watch. I want to make her cum and hard.

I want her to touch my body and rub her fingers on my clit and slowly tease me.

My pussy will be so wet, I then while she’s fingering me want to take the dildo out of her pussy and let the first man put his cock inside of her.

It will be hard bc she is sexy and a freak and her pussy will be guaranteed soaked.

I want him to fuck her so hard. I want her eyes to roll in the back of her head with pleasure.

Then it’s my turn. I want a cock so hard go inside of me and I want to feel every bit of it.

I might cum unknowingly but I want it bad I want to watch her get fucked and get fucked myself.

Then after they have had their fill of us they got to switch another dick inside me for hours if possible.

I just don’t know why but I get so horny thinking about it.

Making someone feel as good as they make me feel writing and typing this my pussy is throbbing.

After I get this experience my life will be complete but best believe I’m gonna make sure it’s the best.

I don’t care either I want dick and pussy and hell maybe even a gangbang I have respect for myself but I can’t help what I fantizie about.

Y’all pray that at the very least I get to fuck her real good and I really hope she brings a friend with a fat cock bc there is nothing that feels so good than a big ass dick slamming inside of me.


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