My Divorced Mom

by Kevin Bhola (South Africa)

Hi I'm Kevin my mom is divorce over 1 year now I'm 27 in age mom is 45 in age after my mom's divorce I seduced her with heels gifts dresses my mom's name is Sharm so i stared to text her often in the day and she should text me back on mother's day I bought her a dress and new heels I said mom to wear this outfit I'm taking out for the day so mom got ready.

She dressed up in the dress and open back low heels showing he me cute feet and toes so she walked to the lounge I said wow U are beautiful mom mom said thanks Kev I gave her a neck chain and a gold ring I put the ring on her finger and I kissed her fingers and she said aww thanks Kev and we went out for the day having lunch drinks movies a long walk in the beach talking laughing and having fun at night.

We got home mom said she needs a shower she took a shower wile in the shower she got out I places a night set for her in her room she got our tip toes to her room and she saw what's on her bed I said mom in taking a shower now it would be nice if u wear what's on your bed mom wore it and she put her make up on perfumes and she was down on the long couch relaxing.

I got out the shower and i went to mom i said wow beautiful u are in the set mom blushed and said thanks Kev I said mom would u like to have sex with me we are just two adults in this house mom said it's wrong to do this kind of things with your own mother but seeing u not hiding your feelings towards me yes we can have sex but it's only tonight and twomorow we will be back to normal.

Ok Kevin I said but Sharm knowing u have a body like this it Wil be so hard to stop making love to u mom said o now it's Sharm and not mom i said yes Sharm i don't see u as a mom anymore but I see u as the women I will love to marry and be happy with till I die mom said what u want to marry your own mother Kevin what is wrong with u are u ok I said ok mom if I can't u have u forever I'm not going to make love to u tonight until u tell me yes.

You will marry your own son cause mom if I don't have u it's pointless me living Its better if I'm dead mom got up and slapped me across my face and she said if she only hears me say such things like that again she will die herself with tears rolling down her face I hugged her and then I lifted he me head and i kissed her and said Sharm i don't want to die u don't want to die so let's be husband and wife and live together forever.

I kissed her again she said o Kev this is a hard decision for me to make but I will accept u as my man and we kissed and kissed till our tongues were lost in each other's mouths then I carried Sharm to her bedroom I placed her on the bed I slipped of her nighty she's only in her tongs and naked from head to her toes I kissed her and I licked her neck and ears and sucked her boobs her nipples were rock hard as I sucked them so good.

I ran my tongue around her nipples and down to her body i teased her around her pussy lips as I kissed her her sexy legs all the way down to her cute feet and toes I licked and sucked her toes I then I took her both feet and toes in my mouths and sucked then licked then I bit her feet under mom went hmmmm hssss o Kev u are making me so horny for u i said hmmmm mom u know how I love your feet and toes I placed her feet on my shoulders and I pulled of my boxers my nine inch cock stood up rite like a pole.

I took her feet and said her Sharm rub your toes on my cock she did she gave me a sexy feet job as I kissed her he red lips and sexy body I pulled of her tongs and i kissed her ass I sucked her from her ass hole up to her pussy lips mom grabbed my hair and was moving her hips with my circles around her pussy as she locked her feet on my back she came so fucking hard in my mouth screaming like a wild little bitch i sucked her again and again i gave her a break as I kissed her.

Then mom said Kev can I suck u now i said yes sure my cock is all yours now Sharm she took my cock in her cute fingers and stroked it as she sucked me from my balls to the tip of my cock she took my cock into her mouth and gave me a suck of my life sucking and gagging on my nine inch cock slowly she took the whole thing down her throat she chocked her nose and eyes were leaking her tears rolled her black eye liner of her eyes and it left black tears on her face I fucked her mouth so good till she couldn't take anymore.

I pulled of my cock from her mouth and I kissed her and I sucked all her makeup of her face the i said mom u ready to take my cock inside u she said o yes Kev take me I'm all yours I sucked her body again from lips to pussy to her toes I put her rite toes in my mouth as my cock went inside her pussy mom screams in pain go slow go slow u are to big Kev I went in and out slowly then a bit fast before mom knew it my whole cock was deep inside her i fucked and sucked her like she was the last women on earth.

Mom locked her feet as she came grabbing the bed sheets and moaning like a virgin as I fucked her i then said mom talk dirty to me mom said o honey I never did this not once in my life so what must I say i said show me how much u want my cock mom said o yes baby faster go deeper eat me fuck me I'm your new bitch now fuck me Kev put that big cock deep in me I fucked her till she shivered and came so hard crying in pleasure as we kissed i then carries her of the bed and fucked in the air with my cock deep in her and my balls slapping her ass til she cried and came again.

I put her feet on the floor she almost fell I held he pushed her on the bed doggie style I took her from behind all fours and I fucked her sideways siting standing bending on the floor wall chest drawer bed last I put her on top of me I said mom ride my cock now moms on top she fucking me like a hoe as I sucked her boobs bit her kissed her she came again and she collapsed on my chest shivering we kissed mom said Kev are u going to cum or u plan on fucking me the whole night.

I said mom your ass is still a virgin mom carried on me no no Kev it will hurt me very bad your cock is to big I will die if u put it in my ass I held her and kisses wild as she rode me then I said mom sleep flat on the bed mom did I got the baby oil i put some on her ass crack I rub her ass hole as I sucked her pussy I pushed my one finger in her ass I went in deep mom was crying I fingers her ass as she stopped crying but made a sexy moan I piled out my finger my finger was brown I looked mom in her eyes and I sucked my finger mom said so good u love me so much Kevin i said yes mom i do love u more than u know I kissed her.

I said mom how your shit taste she said o honey it's bitter I said yeah the bitter the Better we kissed before mom knew it my cock was in her ass slowly in and out she felt the pain and cried a bit I pulled out and back in i side my two fingers in her pussy as I fucked her ass mom started to moan and groan as she took my entire cock in her ass I started to bang her ass till she was open I pulled out my cock I could see her ass hole is open like a big hole I shove my cock back inside now mom was enjoying her ass getting fucked I fucked her upside down in all her holes till she was fucked out of cum and breath.

We fucked the night away I said mom in gonna cum mom ok cum all over my body said o yes babe I'm cumming o yeah o yes o yes I'm cumming haaaaa hoodoo yeeessz haaaa I shot my load all over Sharma sexy sweaty body shot after shot my cum went on her face boobs even on her hair sum hit her lips last I rubbed my cock on her pussy on her clit I said mom suck now she sucked my last drop out and I said mom rub your feet and toes on my cock make me sift with your red toes Sharm Sharm did as I said Sharm o my god that was the best fuck I ever had in my life and it had to be my son who gave me a fuck like this.

Wow i said yeah Sharm this was only our first night now that we are lovers it's going to be like this forever we kissed holding each other kissing romancing biting each other mom said Kev my pussy and ass is sore plus it's been a long time for me my last sex was with your father and that was like 4 years ago but who cares when u fucked me ten times better than your father now that cock belongs to me and I own it I love u my new husband I said I love u to Sharm my sexy hot wife we kissed and fell asleep mom still messed in my thick cum holding each other and sleeping.

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