My Daughters Teammate

by Derek (Los Angeles)

My daughter played water polo during her years attending high school. As a single parent I went to as many games as possible. Now as a single dad it is almost like being a teenager because you are always horny but with a child in the house you really can’t do anything about it.

Anyway I always went to the games and always wore sunglasses, for one the games are outside and during the day so one must protect their eyes. The second reason and the main reason is so I could check out the girls. While in high school no matter the age is completely off limits so I just watched them.

Finally my daughter graduated and she wanted to have a pool party with her friends to celebrate. Naturally I agreed and we had the party with me playing host and watching to make sure non of the girls drank alcohol or do anything stupid.

There were about 8-10 girls there throughout the day all wearing skimpy bikinis with their tight water polo bodies. As it got dark I lit the fire pit and they made s’mores. I really wanted to go rub one out and fantasize about having sex with them, now that they are at least 18 and out of high school.

As I was cleaning up in the kitchen, one of the girls, Amanda is her name came into the house to use the bathroom. She said hello and walked down the hall to the bathroom and I watched her perfect tight ass the entire time, turning away before she could see me watching her.

When she came out she came into the kitchen and thanked me for having them over and saying how nice she thought the house was. I said that she was welcome over any time.

She replied “how about tomorrow?” I thought she was kidding because they all were going to a large theme park together, I asked her if she was going and she said she wasn’t going. So I said yes of coarse you are welcome. I really didn’t think she was serious and thought no more of it.

The next morning my daughter left and I was just doing stuff in the back by the pool, cleaning up. I was only wearing shorts. I was about to lay in the pool when I heard Amanda’s voice saying hello. I was shocked to see her. She looked and said that I told her it was ok that she come over. She took off her clothes and was wearing her skimpy bikini and began to put on suntan lotion.

I felt myself getting a hard on and walked into the pool. She said she loves the pool and that she does not have a pool at her house. I floated on a blowup raft and was chillin. She asked if she could use the other raft and I said ok. After about 30 minutes of floating around Amanda turned into her stomach, she was laying on her back, she paddles close to me and asked me how old I was. I told her and she said her dad is 2 years younger yet he looks much older.

I have seen her dad and he is mostly bald and very overweight. I still have a full head of hair with a little gray but I keep in excellent physical shape. I also keep my body hair short so I don’t like like a cave man. Amanda immediately asked questions about my sexual experience and types of girls I liked. She said the boys in high school are jerks and have no idea what girls want or need. I said that at my age I know a lot about what women like and want.

To my surprise she said “could you show me?” I was shocked. I asked her if she was sure and she said she turned 18 in April, this was June. I said of coarse I will show you, she fell off the raft swam a little bit and asked if now was ok. I fell off the ramp and said we should go inside.

We dried off and went into my bedroom and she immediately took off her bathing suit, told me she wanted to do this with me for a long time and gave me a long wet tongue lapping kiss. I was rock hard, kicked off my shorts and kissed her as sensually as I could letting my hands explore her back, shoulders, arms and butt. I nudged her towards the bed and laid her on her back and began to kiss my was down her body, slowly down her body kissing, licking and sucking virtually every inch of her body.

I finally reached her shaved wet pussy and kissed it so gently. She moaned the second I touched her sensitive pussy. I began licking her pussy and let my hands explore her body while eating her pussy. She tasted so good and was incredibly wet and was not afraid to moan in pleasure, not too loud but she let me know I was pleasing her. She was approaching her first orgasm and as she got closer and closer I liked her harder and harder until she exploded with pleasure.

I never stopped eating her and she jerked her pelvis and was cumming like mad. “Oh my god, oh my god” she kept saying and orgasmed again. She finally couldn’t take it any longer and I pulled away. She lay there a long time and said “oh my god” again.

She reached down and grabbed my rock hard penis and began to stroke me. She then licked my head a few times until she actually put my penis into her mouth. I could tell she did not have a lot of experience giving head because she was very awkward. I didn’t care a wet hot mouth on my cock is always a good thing. I wanted to fuck her so bad so I laid her in her back and as she lay back she spread her legs wide open for me.

I rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips then inserted only the head. I could tell she loved it. I could wait to fully fuck her but wanted to show that I had patience. I slowly pushed my entire cock into her making sure I didn’t hurt her and slowly fucked her. I hadn’t had a partner in a long while and had my vasectomy years ago so I was not worried about getting her pregnant.

I began fucking her with a regular rhythm. Amanda was moaning and rubbing my chest, arms and shoulders as I was fucking her. She came a few times and we switched positions. We were spooning now and I was rubbing the top of her clit while we were fucking, I also kept caressing her tummy and breasts as we fucked. She came hard again and turned to kiss me. I devoured her mouth. She was so fucking sexy. After we kissed I started eating her pussy again until she came again in my mouth.

She was humping almost uncontrollably, I had to wrap my arms around her legs to keep my mouth on her pussy. I lost count how many time she came. I was about to cum myself I was so turned on. I entered her again missionary and was ready to cum.

I asked her where she wanted me to cum and she said she wanted to watch it, so I waited until the very last second as I was fucking her, pulled out and immediately started cumming all over her tummy and breasts. It was a huge load, maybe my biggest ever. I came frigging hard and was out of breath by the time I stopped cumming.

After a while she said that was amazing and couldn’t wait until the next time I showed her something.

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