My Daughter’s Girlfriend

by Anonymous

I was home doing some work when i heard the doorbell and i answered and there stood my daughters girlfriend Ann she a beautiful girl of 18 dressed in shorts and a t-shirt no bra, i smiled as she asked about my daughter and i said she was out for the day with her mom she smiled and said ok .

She wondered how i was doing and asked if she could stay with me for awhile and i said sure, after she came in we chatted a bit and she told me how much she loved older men.

I smiled as she sat closer and soon she kinda looked up and told me how much she had a crush on me and she would do anything i wanted her to do at first i wasn’t sure if i should then i explained anything we did she couldn’t say anything about to anybody and she agreed.

I then asked how open she was to sex and she said I’m into anything i would want her to do, i smiled as i told her to undress.

She stood up and was naked soon after i smiled as i looked at her sexy body and i began to caress her inner thigh and pussy she was shaved, moaned and i stood up and had her get on her knees as i pulled out my 9"dick and she sucked it hard.

Then i had her sit on the couch and spread her legs and i played and ate her pussy, soon after i put a pillow on the floor and told her to lay down and spread and she did.

I slowly started to push my dick into her tight pussy as i did she moaned i didn’t t stop until i was all into her and i slowly fucked her until i cum deep inside of her and i pulled out and had her suck my dick.

She told me she felt my dick in her stomach and luved it, as we laid there i told her that my wife and daughter were going away for a couple of weeks and if she wanted to stop by every day for some more fun and i had a couple of guy friends i like her to meet as well she smiled and agreed to do whatever i wanted with her from now on.

So after my wife and daughter left on their trip she came over and i told her that whenever she came over she was to be naked so she did and i called a friend to come over also as she smiled.

After he arrived and met her standing there naked i told him she would do anything we wanted, him and i got naked and she sucked our dicks we took turns eating her pussy then i laid back and had her slide down on my dick and she did slowly my friend got behind her and started to push his 8" dick into her ass filling her,

She was getting turned on with this and we fucked her slowly until we both cum in her filling her tight body up with our sperm after we pulled out she laid down and soon my friend was filling her pussy and fucking her she was loving it and soon he unloaded in her.

He told her how great she was and left and i smiled as i let her shower and she came back and she sucked my dick until i cum in her mouth and she swallowed it all, she told me she would be there every day for me to fuck her and i was happy to let her.

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