My Daughter's First Slumber Party: Part 2

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

I left off in part 1 where two guys were holding me my daughter and her friend at gun point.
Her friend and my daughter had given two guy's a blow job while I was tied to a chair and made to watch what was going on.

Then the guy with gun wanted me to suck his dick in front of my daughter I refused but wanted his 10" dick shoved down my throat to.

He put his gun to my head and asked if I rather my daughter see her daddy's brains blew across the bedroom. My daughter started hollering dad suck his dick it won't hurt to suck a dick. The guy with the gun stuck his dick in my mouth and I sucked him right down my throat he said OMG girl this is not your daddy's first dick to suck is it dad I shook my head no. The guy said you have sucked many dicks I am thinking more than your daughter have then he shot a huge load of cum in my mouth and down my throat I didn't lose a drop of his cum and wanted more.

The other guy asked are you the one that taught your daughter to suck dicks?
Then he asked my daughter did you learn to suck dick by sucking daddy's dick little girl?

She did not answer so guy with gun said new rule girls when asked a question you will answer and answer honestly too or daddy here gets a bullet in his perverted head.
Now little girl did you learn to suck dicks by sucking daddy's dick?
Eve said yes I do suck daddy's dick and that is how I learned by sucking daddy's dick.

They asked Lois if she ever sucked her daddy's dick she said no she just licked his dick and balls after she jack her daddy off and swallow his cum.
They knew Eve had been fucked but Lois was just fingered by her daddy.

They asked Eve if daddy was first guy to take her virginity, she said yes, he was and I was the only guy to fuck her so far.

The two guy's tied Lois on my lap and they took Eve one got on bottom putting Eve on top then other got behind Eve and they DP her ass and pussy at first she didn't want to but I could see she was enjoying two big dicks in her at the same time she was squirming moaning and I could see it was all in pleasure.

Mean time Lois watching action moving around on my hard dick her pussy dripping hot pussy juice on my balls she was tied too tight to raise her enough to get my dick in her pussy.

My dick in between her legs rubbing her pussy I shot a load that reached top of her head and face then spurt to her tits then stomach on down she was covered in my cum and Eve was filled with the two big guys cum.

The guys seen cum all over Lois and said oh hell daddy missed the hole that's not fair.
My dick was still hard as a rock thinking of this tight hot little virgin pussy against my 8" very thick dick I wanted in that pussy and the two big guys was done cum out for now.

They turned Lois around set her straddling on my dick. They turned chair back to the door pushed Lois head in my chest told her to leave it there then told me to just fuck her then untied me so I picked Lois up and brought her down on my dick taking her virginity that I knew her daddy wanted for himself but I played first cum first serve.

I ended up fucking Lois twice when I didn't go soft after cum first time in her virgin pussy.
After fucking Lois, she got off looked around and no one else there Eve still had her head turned to the wall like they told her.
We didn't know how long they were gone could have been over an hour then again it could have been a few minutes.

We called police and told them about sexual assaults from the two guys but didn't tell them about the assault on my part.
Eve told them about them DP her and Lois told them she was made to suck their dicks only she told police no vagina sex with her at all.

So no Dna was taken of her pussy but DNA on eve's ass and pussy.
They got cum DNA from Lois nostrils(cum)

Lois, Eve and I lived through the night and lived to have sex with each other many times.
We are all three bi sexual now since Eve and Lois eating each other every chance they get.
Lois's dad and I go for a round of dick sucking and ass fucking every chance we get not just our daughter's asses either.


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