My Daughter's First Slumber Party: Part 1

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

My oldest daughter had a friend that invited her to a slumber party.
She told my daughter she didn't need much clothes just a small nightie would be fine to wear.

I dropped my daughter off around 5:pm and told her I pick her up around 10:am next morning.
She said that be perfect.

I received a call from my daughter around 9:30 pm to come get her she was scared.
Her friend's parents were not there and a couple of old men friends of her parents have showed up drinking and talking crap about sex and scared most off already.

I was at a bar about 30 minutes away and told her I be there in about 30 minutes. She said hurry dad there is just me and my friend Lois here and these two guys.

I arrived around 10:20 because of traffic. Lights were out in living room and most of house except bedroom I figured.
I rung doorbell and kept knocking on the door until finally a guy looked to be around 40 years old answered the door big tall guy.

I told him I was there to pick up my daughter he said she left with a friend. I told him no she didn't and I would call police if he didn't let the two girls go.
That was my mistake he produced a gun put it to my head and said come on in dad you can watch the show.

He brought me in the bedroom made me strip naked then set me in a chair tied me to chair so I could see everything going on in bed.

Lois was a small girl with nice little perky tits long legs and looked waxed bald pussy she was almost as hot as my daughter.
My daughter was short hot little body very nice big tits on a small body nice hot looked waxed bald pussy also.

There was another guy looked in his 40's also had Lois on bed head hanging off bed all 3 nude guess other guy put clothes on to answer door because he was shedding his clothes to that made us all nude. He told other guy daddy wants to watch his daughter get bred tonight.

Other guy pushed his thick dick in Lois's throat his balls resting on her nose. He said OMG you should feel this little bitch throat around your dick man she really knows how to suck a dick.

The guy with the gun told Eve my daughter to lay same way and he shoved his dick to his balls down Eve's throat then he started laughing and said he have the one with most experience she did not choke or gag to swallow his 10" very thick dick. He said your girl choked and gagged because no experience.

I am watching this and I am hard as a rock wishing it was my dick in their throats balls deep.
Then I thought OMG what kind of pervert am I watching my own daughter and her BFF getting throat fucked by two old men compared to them and all I could do was wish it was my dick in their throats.

I could not help myself I wanted to join in on the party was my thoughts not even thinking we might die tonight.
I was so hard and dripping precum when one of the guys noticed my hard precum leaking dick and said look at daddy girls he wants to join in.

He was not a liar that was my thoughts.
As the party goes on the more things they do to the girls with those big dicks the more I want in.

Then one of the guy's said I wonder if daddy sucks dicks as good as his daughter.
The guy with the gun came up to me and said daddy show your little girl how daddy can suck dicks too.

I told him no I don't suck dicks which was a lie I wanted his dick in my mouth or ass and was not going to fight him off either.

In part 2 not only the girls suck dicks or get ass fucked not only the criminals get my daughter and her friends pussy.


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