My Daughter Love It Big

by Marc (Canada)

Hi I'm Jeet 46 yrs old with a 10 half inch long and big as a can of beer, not working for now married to Vidya 40 yrs old short and chubby religious but big cock lover and love all kind of sex she even do double penetration and in younger age before and after we got married been lots of gang bang me include but since our daughter Priya was 18 we stop all the dirty things and live like normal person well once a while me and my best friend Venkat would DP Vidya or will swap wife and we keep our secret, if Vidya want a gang bang that may happen anytime then she go to a bar in other town where we know people spend the night there then back to me next day well fuck and she would make video just to show me so i kept all the cd in a my home office. 2 yrs later Priya grown into a sexy good looking girl and pervert like us, i was retired so always home fucking all day when Priya at school, one evening we were having diner when Priya shocked us with her question.

Priya: mom how can you take papa cock up your ass he is very huge me i can't even fit one finger

Me: Priya you are too young to understand

Priya: then make me understand

mom: how do you know all those things

Priya : i saw you both few times when dad fuck your sweet love pussy and ass

Mom: Priya grow up more then you will know

Priya : mom i want daddy to do it to me Vicky has small one i put it in my mouth few til and he cum in my mouth

Mom: what are you crazy what did he do to you did he put his thing inside u

Priya: you mean if he fuck me no i never let anybody do it they just lick my pussy and i suck them

Me: you should never do that only bad girl and bad women do that remember only one guy and always be faithful

Priya: i know mom is a whore i saw her once take you and uncle Venkat fuck both her holes

Mom: ok this conversation is over go to your room ,later dad will come to check if both your holes still virgin

So Priya went to her room then Vidya will get up come to me get on her knees take out my cock suck it then sit on it and ride till we cum then we both walk to Priya room. Opening the door she was naked in the bed legs spread pussy in view and she was rubbing her clit she saw us and keep rubbing looking at me she tell me if he want to check her pussy i have to take my cock out, i knew she want to have a close look at my dick and once i saw that nice young virgin pussy i was hard and ready to penetrate her but i control myself and show her my dick i get on one side of the bed Vidya on other side i bend over her use my fingers i open her pussy both Vidya and me we check well still a virgin, i wet my finger then insert it in her ass which make her jump while i move it in and out she told us its dry Vidya spit on her asshole and i keep moving my finger. She beg me to fuck her holes that i can't resist anymore my cock was so hard that hurt, me and Vidya left her room once in our room i fuck Vidya hard and rough till we cum.

Two weeks later Vidya went to other town for a gang bang it was only me and Priya we were watching a movie she was next to me on the couch all of a sudden she put her hand in my short take out my dick i was horny as always and Vidya wasn't home so i let Priya have her way sha had it in her hand looking at it she lick her lips say dad its big do you think it will fit in my holes, i told her maybe she should try she jump with excitement then put my dick in her mouth well she didn't know how to do it i tell how, she suck me i was hard then get up remove her dress take my hand and take me to my room lay on the bed wait for me i get between her legs and lick her pussy and asshole she was leaking i position the tip of my monster then push i have to try few times til the head go in she scream so loud when i push it all in then i stop and make small circle move till she adjust with my size after few mins she start to move her hip that is when i start to fuck her hard and she was enjoy her first fuck and first big cok i fuck her for half hour in different position when i was about to cum i stop and told her to let me cum in her mouth so she don't get pregnant she get on her knees and suck me till i cum and she swallow, few mins later she ask if i was her slut now i hug her and reply yes we fuck two more time before we go to our bed.

Every chance we get we will fuck like crazy ,not enough of her one week Vydya went to other town again i call a friend told him to keep her with them the whole week end and not to let her know if it was my idea ,he call later telling me that she will call later to ask i say ok after 1 hr later she call asking if she can stay a bit longer i ask how long she say 2 night i say ok. In the afternoon Priya got home just throw her stuff of the floor walk to me undress then ask if she is clean enough for me to lick her well it was smelly but i don;t care i told her pull her to me insert one finger she was so wet i ask why so wet she say she been thinking about me all day and she has to go masturbate in the toilet.

So i lick her pussy then make her sit on my cock i fuck her hard and rough the way she like it after she make me cum in her mouth ,while having diner i told her that mom will be home in 2 days she say to fuck her ass i say ok then took her to the room prepare her lube her good then penetrate with lots of difficulty i was too big and her asshole was still tight virgin but once inside we fuck i didn't care about her pain screaming and cry i keep fucking till she stop cry and moan loud i ask if she want me to take it out she say just fuck her like a whore which i did we fuck till 4 in the morning till she couldn't walk.

She never go out with other guy i was her only man but she told me she want to try DP i say ok next time mom is out of town few weeks later Vidya left Friday night, Saturday i invite some friends home telling them i have an escort if the want to have fun which they accept so i bought a complete leather pants and top with a catwoman mask their was opening right on her pussy and ass so we can see and fuck her holes without removing the pant.

The party start at 11 am 6 guys include me we take turn and we double penetrate her ,she been fuck for 12 hrs with condom of course well we took break so we can rest at night after everybody left we took a shower then she told me she want to get pregnant want to feel my cum inside her so i fuck her and cum inside the rest of the week end i keep cumming inside her a month later she came home with a worried face telling her mom that she didn't have her period my wife ask her who was the guy now i was worried then she told her mom it was a guy that she met and it just happen only once and she never saw that guy again.

Vidya start to cry i sat next to her telling everything will be alright let the baby come, we were in the living room when Priya came in get on her knees in front of her mom beg her to let me fuck her she need it or she will find it outside i was surprise when Vidya ask me what to do i told her maybe we go for it then she say ok i took Priya hand take her to our room followed by Vidya then i fuck both since that day Priya sleep with us after the baby was born we were the parent me and Vidya. Life goes on we are happy now Priya is pregnant again will tell you what happen next time.

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