My Daughter Had A Surprise

by Kyle Martin (Kansas City, Missouri)

I’m a 50 yr old recently widowed with a step daughter named Kelly. Her mom passed away from cancer when she was only twelve. It devastated Kelly to the point of severe depression. She was always locked in her room, at times it was days before I'd see her.

Anyways a few years went by and her 18th birthday was in a few days. She was starting to come out of her depression i noticed when she started hanging out with her friend Monica.

On her birthday it was a Friday she asked me if Monica could stay the night of course i said sure, so we all decided to eat and she asked me hey dad since I’m turning 18 could i drink? And i almost got angry but i remembered how much she’s been through in her young life and she’s not leaving the house i said sure.

So she went to the fridge grabbed a few beers and hurried back to her room. So a few minutes later the pizza man brought our dinner, as i shut the front door i called to the girls dinner is here. As they came out the bedroom i noticed a familiar scent and as i looked at Kelly her hair was a mess and glanced at Monica she was smiling ear to ear.

Know i wasn’t for sure but i thought something happened in that bedroom but i just blew it off. After we ate the girls retreated back to the bedroom but not before them getting 2 more beers each so i reached in for a beer and they were gone. I yelled out hey I’m going to the liquor store I’ll be right back.

So when i returned with a 12 pack i open the front door and i hear a scream as i hurried to put the beer up and go to her bedroom to see if everything was ok right before i would knock i hear a loud moaning and it sound like a pleasurable moan so i listened and holy shit they were having sex.

I mean i wasn’t sure till i heard Kelly moaning loader and loader. As i reached for the door knob i slowly turned it and what i saw was the last thing i expected, Monica and Kelly both were transgender. I thinking holy fucking shit wtf but as i continued to watch i noticed my cock was growing.

As i continued to watch Monica fuck Kelly deep in her big ass Monica was jerking Kelly’s cock. Now i noticed Kelly had a nice 7 inch cock for 18 yr old but Monica was like 9 inches and while watching it going in and out of my stepdaughter’s ass.

I started pulling my cock out. Monica started to tense as she buried her cock balls deep and that sent Kelly and Monica into cumming at the same time and i started to really jack off. God what i was watching was making me horny as fuck i wanted to cum and as i looked down to watch my cock explode her door swung open i was fucking fucked. It was Kelly she stopped and just stared at my 10 in rod being jerked, and her mouth dropped i didn’t know what to say.

Monica looms behind her noticing what’s going on and her cock instantly got hard again. Embarrassed to all hell i tried putting my cock back in my pants and walk away when Kelly said wait dad it’s ok. She asked did you know i had a cock and surprised by her reaction i said no honey i didn’t.

But i looked like you enjoyed what you seen ask she chuckled i said i guess im busted she then if i could bring them some beer so when i came back Monica was sucking Kelly’s cock as Kelly looked at me. And as i see this my cock was hard once again. I stood there and watched my daughter getting her cock sucked by Monica as i watched her as she was swallowing my daughters cock milking her cock hard.

God i couldn’t take it anymore i needed to cum, at that same second Kelly asks me would you like to join daddy and i instantly stripped naked as my 10 inch cock sprung free Kelly reached and grabbed it and pulled me to her, as she let out a loud moan she began to suck my cock and god it felt good.

She slowly licked the precum from my fat cock head and pulled me deeper as i could tell she was about to cum from Monica’s bj i pushed Monica’s mouth off of her cock and swallowed her cock second before she exploded i was rubbing her big balls and slobbering on her knob, she began to fuck my mouth at the same time her friend Monica started to eat my asshole.

Kelly exploded load after load after huge loads and i ate every bit. This was great as i continued to suck her so she wouldn’t go soft i straddled her cock and slide it all the way in my ass. I was riding reverse cowgirl on her and Monica came around so i started sucking her cock and Kelly was loving it saying oh god daddy i had no idea as i moaned with so much pleasure.

I had sucked cock before so i know my way around cock and balls. Monica started pumping my mouth as i bounced faster and harder. Kelly was getting load and Monica was really getting load she started screaming OH FUCK YES SWALLOW MY COCK MMMMMM and she unloaded her cum down my throat also about the same time i felt kelly’s cock unload deep in my asshole god this felt so good.

Mmmmm i let Kelly finish and i climbed off feeling very satisfied but yet i still haven’t shot my load. Kelly asked me did i want to give her a birthday fuck while Monica fucked her mouth so i flipped Kelly over and tongued her big ass mmmmm. She tasted so good i slide my cock in her ass as she felt it she rammed her ass to my cock taking all 10 inches at once OMFG it felt unbelievable.

I started pumping her ass and watching her suck Monica dick deep to the balls and i started really slamming her ass as she moaned and let out a scream saying OH FUCK YES DADDY SLAM MY ASSHOLE MMMM FUCK FUCK HARDER DEEPER i let loose and holy fuck i couldn’t stop as Monica unloaded in Kelly’s mouth.

Fuck i was filling my baby girl’s ass up. After i finished i got on my knees and cleaned her asshole clean and as i did she was jacking off and when she shot her load i was just finished tonguing her ass clean i slurped her load up too. She says BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

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