My Date

by Anonymous

I'm Karen, I'm 18 5'7 brunette , 32c tits sexy build. I decided to go on a dating website to see what i could find for a new guy and i decided to finally go on a date with a guy who was 25 he was handsome well built also and we went out to dinner.

I dressed in a black dress and thigh highs with no bra and panties on, we had a nice time and he invited me back to his place after so i went with him we chatted along the way and we went into his apartment, and sat on the couch.

He put his arm around me and made me feel comfortable as i looked up at him he smiled and we kissed a little , as he took me into another kiss i felt his hand begin to caress my thigh, i moaned a little as i felt his hand get closer to my pussy.

Soon i felt him slowly rubbing my clitty, i then heard a light knock at the door, he smiled at me and said not to worry it was a friend coming over as he went to let him in, they came back a moment later and introduced me to him and i stood up to greet him.

He smiled and kissed me to as my date go behind me his friend kept kissing me and then i felt my date slid his hand sliding my dress up and caressing over my ass, i moaned a little and then he slid his hand into my panties and began to play with my wet pussy.

Soon he had a finger inside of me pumping it in and out i was horny at this point. they led me to the bedroom and unzipped my dress and i took it off and my panties while both of them undressed.

My date asked me to get on my knees in front of them and that's when i seen there 9"dicks and i thought omg i had never had anything that big in me but i started sucking there dicks hard.

Then i laid back on the bed and i spread wide while one guy started eating my pussy and fingering my tight asshole the other guy kissed me and sucked and my titties and caressed me.

I got very excited soon the guy eating me decided to slide up and he started to push his dick into me slowly as he whisper to me just relax i could feel him going deeper inside till he filled me up and he was all in.

Then he started fucking my tight pussy after a few strokes it felt great, soon after i felt his dick swell and he cum deep inside of me fill me up full of his hot sperm.

After he pulled out his friend had me roll over on my stomach then i felt his finger with something slick on it pushing into my asshole i moaned as he did this and each time he pushed more into me.

I felt him straddle me and then he started to push his 9"dick into my well lubed ass it slid in as he went slow filling me and finally he started fucking my ass, at first it hurt a little then i was ok with it he fucked me until he filled my ass with his hot sperm.

They took turns fucking me all night and then i slept between them. The next morning when we woke up they asked me if i wanted to stay there and be their sex slave and i said yes that i loved what we had done so i moved in and we have sex all the time now and i love it.

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