My Daddy

by Kaylee (Pennsylvania)

I had just graduated college and decided to stay with my parents for a bit, i walked through the front door.

"im home! mooom, daaad?"

"in here, honey"

I walked towards the kitchen. i hugged my mom and gave my dad a kiss on the cheek. i sat at the table.

"whats wrong? id thought you be at least a little happy to see me.."

"we are its just-"

"your mother has to work more so you'll be seeing less of her"


I didn't really mind cuz when i lived here before college, it was dad i didn't see. at least i get time with him.

"i'm sorry sweetheart."

moms voice snaps me back to reality.

"oh, uh its fine. i'm sure me dad will be fine, right dad?" i look over dad.

"oh yeah. sure. we will be fine."

"ok, well then. Kathleen go unpack and get ready for supper."

The next day i walk downstairs to find dad on the couch. i go into the kitchen grab a granola bar and a cup of coffee. i sit next to him.

"morning" i say.

"gmornin." there was something in his voice that made me horny.

"mom left for work?"

"yup" was his reply.

i look down and see he has boner. i think to myself. i suddenly become aware that i'm soaked.

"kate?" kate is my nickname from him.

"yeah?" "i want-" i don't know what made me do it.

I jumped on him and kissed him. our tongues found each other and played. he broke the kiss and carried me to his room. he took off my shirt and bra. he stared at my double d tits before tackling me onto the bed and sucking my nipple and massaging my other tit.

"oooooohhhhh." i moaned.

"thats it mmmmmmm."

"keep moaning baby"

"oooooooohhhhh." he gets off of me and takes off my panties. he starts licking my pussy juice.

"mmmmm daddy thats it." he crawles up to me and whispers, "i want to be in you."

"go ahead daddy. fuck your slut whore daughter . fuck me daddy!" he takes off his boxer.

"oh my god daddy your so long and thick!" he was at least 11in. he pushes his cock at my entrance.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" it hurt so bad. but after he got his head, all i felt was pleasure.

"mmmmmmm dady fuck me! DADDY FUCK ME FUCK ME DADDY!!!" he went in and out rough and hard. he would pull all the out then slam back in as hard as he can.

We changed spots. i slid myself onto his dick and rode hard while he sucked my boobs.

"mmmmmmmmya i love your cock in me daddy." suddenly the bedroom door opened.

"you guys look like your having fun" it was mom.

"oh my god mom....i-"

"shush... its fine as long as i can join in"

"um ok"

Mom comes over and kisses me passionately, our tongues explore each other as I pull off of dad.

Me and mom 69 while dad jerks off, all off us cum at the same time and then clean it up with our tongues.

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