My Cousin

by Ganesh (India)

In my village home I used to share room with my cousin sisters and granny. There were two single beds at opposite sides and good gap in between.

Old granny used to sleep on the bed attached to wall and I used to sleep on the window side bed. My cousin sisters who used to visit us time to time used to sleep on floor in between the two beds.

I was 18 years old then and my 2 cousin sisters eldest Uma was 20 and second Parvati-19.

There was no electricity so we used to use kerosene lamps. One winter night as usual we were sleeping at night. Uma was sleeping next to my bed on the floor.

I was still awake trying to sleep. While I could hear snoring of granny and parvati, Uma was still moving side to side. I thought she was also having sleeping problem and myself trying to call the sleep.

Some unusual noise grabbed my attention. Noise of Uma breathing fast, something moving and some squishy noise as well. I could not make out what was happening as I hardly had the idea of female masturbation.

Perhaps I used to masturbate time to time whenever I get private time. Now i could recollect all those incidences and rule out that my cousin sister was fingering herself.

After shaking for quite long I could hear Uma also snoring. After sometime I too fell asleep.

We all woke up early and day went normal but the incident kept on begging me so many answers. After lunch uma and me went to field to see the yield of paddy. On the way, I asked her why she was restless at night. Her face turned red but quickly told me that she was not feeling well and had hard time to fall asleep.

Day passed and the night came. After having dinner we all went for sleep. Everyone started to snore and I too fell asleep. It was around morning 3 am, I was awaken by something unusual. There was hand inside my pant playing with my penis.

I nearly shouted but it was feeling good. My penis was already very hard and already enjoying the massage. Then I realized it was Uma playing with my penis. I didn't move at all and pretended to snore. I could hear Uma breathing hard and I believe she was fingering herself with other hand as I could hear squishy sound coming from beneath.

After some time, she moved her hand faster and faster over my shaft with more squishy sound coming from hers, I exploded all over her hand still pretending to be asleep. I could sense her hand trembling and with a light moans she grabbed my still hard shaft tightly and let go lose in a while.

I enjoyed alot. She wiped my wet penis with some cloths and put back inside my pants. Within no time she started to snore. Wow what a beautiful morning it was for me.

As time passed by, she used to repeat same whenever she used to stay with us. A year later, I was sleeping at side facing towards her, she pulled my rock hard shaft and she faced her back towards me. She guided my rock hard inside her wet pussy. Her body was trembling and her pussy wall was contracting.

First time my hard on in Hot and wet pussy made me shoot hard and nearly fainted. Soon she trembled her body hard and pushed hard deep inside without bothering it might wake me up.

I realize now that she had huge orgasm.

Now she is married and stays with her husband. She still feels that I never knew about the incidences.

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