My Cousin Crystal

by Gruver (Midwest, Indiana, USA)

It was 2005 and I was visiting home from college on break. My cousin Crystal was staying with my mom and siblings because she was having trouble at her home. And my mom and her sister decided it was best that Crystal come live with us. I have mostly all female cousins on my mom's side of the family.

I've fanaticized about a few of them, but I never did anything. Crystal was rebellious and would always wear slutty outfits around me and my brothers. Own time when I came home drunk, Crystal was sleeping over back in the day, her and all my sister's friends were all passed out in the living room.

I saw Crystal passed out on the edge of the pull-out mattress. She was laying in a sexy slutty position and my dick got hard. She was wearing a black t shirt with skimpy pajama pants. Her body was so sexy. Big titties and a fat little ass. Her face and ass position she was laying made me horny so I masturbated to her and came on her sleeping face. Some even got on her lips by her mouth and she didn't wake up or move.

So anyways a few years later like I said I was home from college on break and seen that Crystal was staying with my mom. I noticed right away that she was attracted to me by the way she looked at me and was flirtatious with me. One day I was going to go to the grocery store for my mom and she asked me to come along. I said sure.

On the way there we were really flirting with each other. I finally built-up courage to ask her if she was a virgin. She said no. I start telling her how I thought she was sexy. Then before I knew it, it was rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She was wearing some sexy panties that she let me move to the side. My dick was so hard.

She started rubbing my dick and we kissed. She had some big juicy lips. This was so hot. My slutty black cousin who is bad was letting me play with her pussy. She had nice hairy pussy too. So we got to the store. I had to let my hard on get soft. She walked around in front of me with her nice fat ass.

I couldn't stop looking and thinking about it, so I smacked it once we got in an isle. She turned and just laughed. Then I would grab it and she wouldn't stop me. She started walking with me like we were a horny couple. We began to talk about sex and some of the things she said she have done. She said she was a nympho, which made my eyes open wide. I didn't believe her, I had to see for myself.

Once we left the store and got back in the car, we didn't go straight back home. I was so turned on that we just drove around. Then I reached over and started rubbing on her pussy thru the front of her shorts. She didn't move my hand but started grinding and moaning as I rubbed her clit. So I said fuck this and we parked in a dark parking lot.

We looked at each other and I said let's do it and nobody gotta know. She was all for it, like she had done this before. I leaned over and we started making out, I rubbed her tits and sucked her tongue and nipples. She was jacking me off the whole time. It was so hot, she finally looked me in my eyes then pulled her panties and shorts to the side and then licked her hand then grabbed my cock and stuck it in her tight young black pussy. It was like the perfect fit for my cock.

As I started fucking her, she started moaning and cumming almost right away. It made me pound harder the louder she moaned and said she was cumming. The look on her face was priceless. I wanted to cum inside her so bad, but I pulled out just in time and came all on her inner thigh, she kept stroking me until all the nut was out. I'm not gonna lie, it only lasted about 2mins bcause it was so hot.

But it was the best 2 min sex until this day, none was better than my cousin Crystal. Once we got done, we looked at each other in shock and was like wow I can't believe we just did that. I was like we need to do this again tonight when everyone is sleeping. We then went back home like nothing happened.

Later that night, I just happen to go to the bathroom upstairs but someone was in there taking a shower. I'm like I think Crystal is naked in the shower right now and the door was unlocked. When I opened the door and tiptoed in and opened the shower curtain. She looked up at me, I couldn't take my eyes off her sexy young body. Pussy looked so pretty, nipples were nice and perky, I wanted to jump in so bad but she smiled and was like not in here get out.

So I left after a few attempts, but I was like I had to have it again. So I had to think quick. No one else was upstairs, I went in the room she shared with my sisters, and hid behind the door. That way when she gets out and comes in and closes the door, I can surprise her. And that's exactly what I did.

I heard the shower turn off, my dick was throbbing. I was so excited, I knew it was gonna work. She came in the room in a towel, closed the door and turned on the light. But she still didn't notice me in the room. So I waited until she took off the towel and went thru her panties drawer and got a black thong that barely fit her when she put it on.

My cock was rock hard, so I finally said damn you so sexy. She turned around in shock. She really didn't see me. She was like what am I doing in there, and I said bcus I want you right now. I was so turned on, I was like come over here. At first she hesitated, then I reached and grabbed her. She made a noise when I pulled her towards me and turned her around and got behind her and started rubbing her pussy. I felt her start to submit to me and she let me kiss all over her while I rubbed her pussy. Things got so hot, that I just kissed her and left out. Told her I'll be back later tonight.

Later that night, after a few drinks, I came home and to my surprise, everyone was sleeping. I couldn't stop thinking about Crystal and that tight pussy. I creeped upstairs, and quietly opened the door to the room and walked over to her bed. She was there sleep and I was so drunk and high that I got naked and got in bed with her.

I started rubbing her pussy and kissing her neck. I could hear her moaning thinking it was a dream and then her eyes finally opened. She was surprised and then finally submitted to me. That pussy felt so good. It was so tight, I can tell she hadn't been with that many guys.

She surprised me when she said, "put it in my booty" her exact words. I said damn, really. I tried and but then just put it back it her pussy. She was a good kisser. I sucked her little titties and finally came on her stomach. It was such a good time.

I see her a few years later at a family reunion and we couldn't stop looking at each other. We somehow ended up alone and I groped her but that was it. Best sexy ever. I cum hard every time I think about it.

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