My Cousin And Me

by Anonymous (Ontario)

I have a cousin who i only had ever seen a couple times growing up. I always thought he was cute even though he was my cousin. I could tell he thought i was hot too.

A woman can tell when a man is looking her over and i think at times we were both thinking the same thing. I wish i could grab u and have my way with u.

Well one summer they came to my town to visit. My cousin was staying at my place as i had 2 brothers he also spent time with. That same night i went out drinking and i got totally sloshed.

I needed to inebriate myself so i could go through with what i was planning. I was planning on seducing my cousin. I was very sexy back then and have always had big breasts, even then when i weighed maybe 100 pounds my breasts were 36 Dd/ddd, the rest of my body was tight and hard. I had great sleek sexy legs and was super flexible... i still am.

So i got home in the wee hours of the morning and i went straight to where i knew he was sleeping. He was waiting for me by the looks of things. I got in bed beside him and told him how sexy he was and that he turned me on so much i couldn’t control myself.

I started undressing him as i got on top of him and started to rub my pussy over his stiff member through our clothes. That didn’t last for long as i was longing to feel his skin against mine and i wanted that hard cock in me so bad.

So we helped each other out of our clothes and i went straight to that rock hard cock. I started circling the head of his dick with my tongue teasing him a bit looking at him the whole time to see the pleasure in his eyes then i ran my mouth up and down each side of his pole and then another little tickle with my tongue on his head to tease him just a bit more.

Then i went for it and i put my whole mouth over his long pole and went down sucking his whole cock deep in my throat. He moaned i knew i had him now. This was gonna be the best blow job of his life.

He started fondling my big breasts with a smile from ear to ear. They r really huge and still perky and he liked them squeezed and nibbled on my nipples then I continued on as he started to touch my pussy rubbing my clit a little almost making me orgasm because of all the anticipation i had built up.

It was pulsating so hard by this point I was begging in my mind for him to insert his fingers inside my hot moist pussy and ...then he did. He finger fucked me putting in 3 fingers and stretching my tight pussy and stuffing it so full.

We were both so turned on to wait one more second. I climbed back on top and straddled him and slowly put his hard cock into me. It was big and i was so tight. It hugged his dick so tight and i started grinding on top of him so hard and fast. Oh i wanted to come right away but i held on longer. I wanted to cum with him.

When we were deep inside each other and so tight and close together we looked into each other’s eyes and it felt like magic. It felt like we saw right into each other’s souls and there was this feeling of total bliss and seeing each other so turned on mmm. It was like an electric charge between us.

It was not long after that that he started moaning he was going to cum and was worried about pulling out and i moaned no i want you to cum in me and with me, I am about to climax too. So we did as each of us were in that moment of ecstasy the feeling of closeness and attraction heightened to even new levels.

When we were done we were both so flushed and flustered. We now had this secret between us. He hasn’t been back to our town to visit since and even if he did i don’t know if i could control myself near him anymore.

When u experience such a deep lust and connection as i felt with him it leaves u longing for it forever after. I know he was my cousin but we weren’t having kids. We were fucking hard and fast and it was so incredible.

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