My Buddies Daughter

by Anonymous

Alright so my buddy has daughter I watched her grow up for years she has become very noticeable.

It started at her 18th birthday. See she is y’all dark and stacked very tight body.

So in the middle of the party me and my wife sneak off cause she was horny that day as I am drilling my wife I can see my friends daughter she is naked I am watching her tight body my dick get harder in my wife and we nut and finish.

But for the whole party all I see in my head is her tight body so I get drunk and stay the night that morning my friends were going outta town and leaving her so I am getting up to go pee and there she is in panties and shirt so I turn around I hear her come out bathroom.

I wait a few seconds before I go as I am walking to bathroom I can hear her moaning I sneak in and she is playing with her self my dick gets so hard I run to bathroom as I am jacking off she comes in bathroom and sees me.

Then she says she was hoping she was right she has been playing with her self thinking about me she walks over to me and takes my dick and strokes it then she grabs my hand and I feel how wet her pussy is.

I can barley get two fingers I asked her if she has ever had sex and she said yea but it wasn’t good she leads me to her room tells me to lay down she puts her tight beautiful pussy in my mouth and then starts sucking my dick.

She moans I can taste her after she get hers she takes my hard dick to her tight wet pussy and slowly goes down on it pussy just gripping my dick she rides it and she screaming how good it is.

Then I take her and bend her over slide my dick in her and she nuts as I am going I feel it coming and I tell her she says stay in me and I couldn’t resist so I blasted in her we fuck on regular basis when I asked her why she chose me she said she seen what I did to her mom.

So I fuck her at night and her mom and my wife in morning.

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