My Brother’s Best Friend

by Ava

My name is Lilly Johnson, me and my brother’s best friend James have been having sex since we were very young. I am now 21and he is 21.

It started when we were very young when my brother and James were having a play date. My brother was using the bathroom (which took 30 minutes). I was going to peek in on James and opened the door to find him stroking his cock he didn't stop when he saw me and gestured me to come over. He told me to plant my pussy on his cock. I knew this was sex. I told him to wait. I came back with condoms. I had them hidden in my drawer in case this would happen. I put one on him as I lower my pussy on him. We had the best sex ever. When he left I winked at him.

We kept on having sex each play date. We finally got caught when he was 12 and I was 11. We were in the middle of having sex, clothes spread out, we could not moan because we were kissing. The door swung open. It was my brother. We didn't stop, we looked up, shrugged and continued. My brother stared at both of us before asking "how long have you been having sex? We replied five years. He went to his bed and fell asleep. At the end we put on our clothes and I took the condom full of our mixed cum and poured it into two glasses. We drank it and then James went home.

When I was 14 our school found out our secret, it was because my belly was huge and I was eight months pregnant with two girl twins. The minute I found out I was pregnant James and I got married. Girls started getting jealous because he was the captain of the football team and I was the student body president. Olivia who was the head cheerleader/James ex was mad and jealous, she and James never had sex. We would repeat our story and make out in front of her.

Boys in stunning body started hitting on me. But I stuck with James. We are currently moved in together and have 5 kids, ruby and Lila the twins, jack who sometimes has sex with me at midnight, it's more like a blowjob and he keeps the condom on, we have MF, which I didn't write what is stands for on the paper (it stands for motherfucker), who was actually my first child, but he came out by accident, he joins me and James and sometimes fucks me even longer. Then we have Ken and lastly Kevin.

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