My Brazilian Aunt: Pt 2

by Czodias (Brazil)

Back home, everything had changed. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We now had the freedom to feel each other anytime we wanted and end up with glorious sex all over the house. We showered together and her aggressive obsession towards me was driving me almost crazy.

All I thought about the prospect of having sex with adult Brazilian women around her home - this began our joint eroticism while I was there for two weeks.

We looked for prospects of finding just the right boy and adult woman for each other by venturing local pubs. Willing women are quite available in her circle of friends, some had contact with younger guys – 18 to 28 yo. She made ready one of her rooms in the house for the mission with only a bed with the light out.

She first invited her best friend, Magi 40 yo and divorced for about five years, privately asking her if she had ever had sex with a well endowed young guy. She got excited and admitted it might be fun to have sex with a young guy tonight.

Magi had known Zoni since childhood. She noticed that Zoni had been to the woods and she thought she knew why. Zoni’s dad used to take her there when she was 18 or so. They never discussed it, but she never saw them in the woods. It was like they were hiding somewhere there. Magi suspected right then something sexual between Zoni and her daddy was going on.

The only hint was one time when they were in Zoni’s room and talked about how good it felt to rub pussy and she showed Magi where her clit was and to stroke in the right place. As young girls they began to stroke their own clits using some lubes. Magi confessed that she had some experience with her younger brother. She used to suck his cock and learned how to make him cum real quick when her parents were asleep. He in turn would finger and lick her pussy.

Zoni continued the idea of fucking with a young man to Magi. She suggested that it would be absolutely discreet at her place, lights out and her nephew loved adult women. Finally, Magi at last yielded to her plan.

Next day Zoni whispered to me that Magi wanted me tonight. I got a big hot rush when she said that. I had to try and not to get a hard-on that day. Magi was a hot woman with nice tits with little sag. I did meet her couple of times while I was here and liked her too.

In the late evening Magi came to our place. Quickly she took me to the back of the kitchen and hugged me. We rubbed our bodies together for a while. We both got real hot as she rubbed my face on her nice cleavage and then she rubbed her pussy tight against my cock. We both knew this was preview to our up and coming hot sessions. We had some tequila to make ourselves easy.

On the other hand, my local buddy Dick, a Jamaican on vacation secretly told me once that his aunt let him feel her up when her hubby was not around. They both got really turned on and she sucked her cock. He too liked older women with big tits. A perfect prospect for Zoni, I told her the story. I told Dick that my aunt had some feelings for him and we had a place for them to get together secretly. That evening he arrived at my aunt’s place and soon they started fondling each other in the backyard and kept it quiet. He was ecstatic with the prospect of fucking my aunt. Now it was all set for our first time to satisfy more of our sexuality.

Meanwhile I took Magi in the ‘assigned dark room’. I led her to the bed. She and I both were breathing hard. We felt each other all over. She had on a short blouse without bra and as I worked my hand up it, she took it off. She was completely naked now but a string thong. I felt her all naked body as she pull off my shirt and shorts. She laid on her back as I got on top of her warm naked body. She grabbed me hard cock and started tongue kissing me. I rubbed my cock on her pussy and felt her beautiful tits. I dropped down to suck on her tits. She moaned and kept feeling my body.

I felt her wet pussy by my two fingers searching for g-spot but stopped to feel that the crotch area of the string thong well-buried into her slit. I took it off by my teeth and she began to squirm as she began to whisper …oh god, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt a young body like yours, so smooth and warm. Keep rubbing my pussy, it feels so good. I told her what a great sexy body she had. She asked me to turn around to feel my cock and kiss it. You can lick my pussy if you want in turn. I turned and she opened her legs wide.

Her knees came up as I held her butt cheeks firm. I loved her sweet moaning as I licked her clit. I fucked her mouth like a pussy as she squeezed my balls. She knew how to suck a cock and I was about to cum. I put three fingers in her pussy and sucked on her clit. I had a big shooting cum as she moaned and sucked me hard. Her tongue was going crazy on the head of my cock. She swallowed all of my cum shooting into her mouth. Her pussy squeezed around my fingers as she climaxed and shook hard. But I wanted more of her.

I turned and put my cock in her pussy. She clamped onto me with her arms and legs. She moaned…oh yes! We started the build up all over again. I loved feeling her tits and hearing her moan. I kept pushing my cock in her as far as it would go, over and over - her cunt was flowing juices with muffled sound of soch soch sisch as I kept on pounding her cunt deep with slow and fast motions.

She moaned: Hold me tight and push your cock in me deep…oh yes baby, like that…oh god…you gonna make me cum…cum within me baby….cum hard and deep. I started fucking her as fast and deep as I could. She could make her pussy squeeze my cock so good that I had to cum.

I pushed hard and a big load shot in her pussy. She shook and squirmed as her body locked on mine. Mature women know how to fuck so good. Feeling her big tits and hard nipples on my chest was awesome.

My aunt said she and Dick were listening to us in her bedroom next to ours. She said Dick fingered her pussy and she orgasmed when we moaned cumming together…..

I saw Dick sitting my aunt’s bedroom. Zoni took off her see-through night gown and his t-shirt and shorts. She eased down beside him on the bed and began to feel his young smooth body as I and Magi watched them in subdued light of the room. He went right for tits to suck on her nips as she started to feel his stiff cock go between her legs. They were kissing deep with lashing tongues. Watching them, Magi and I could not wait longer to be closer with each other – she kissing me on lips, my nips and I finger fucking her pussy all the while!

They assumed 69-position and he wasted no time in lifting her leg to kiss pussy. His hard warm cock went in her mouth. She squeezed his butt cheeks drawing his cock all the way in her mouth. He squirmed and started fucking mouth. He jolted for a while and she felt his cum shoot in her mouth. The feeling was beyond words. He stuck fingers in her pussy as her rising climax made her moan with pleasure. She swallowed his cum not wasting a bit. She was having a long climax that was taking her breath away. I loved his fingers in her wet pussy, moving in and out as he kept licking her clit. Suddenly she burst with her orgasms with squirting pees ….

There was aunt laying on the bed smiling. She said: “Come here.” She pulled me on top of her and held me tight. She quickly put my hard cock in her. And Magi too joined us. Dick took on Magi now. We spent a very long time in there, two pair of couples on the same bed – all doing just slow fucking and then fast as we were having our peak repeated over and over……

For the next 10 days or so, Zoni and Magi supplied three more older women for us aged between 45 and 55 …

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