My Brazilian Aunt: Pt 1

by Czodias (Brazil)

Zoni, my Brazilian aunt invited me at her home in Sao Paulo. This was going to be my first visit since her husband had died about five years ago. There was a big forest near our house and that had an abandoned shack, now well hidden by undergrowth.

Aunt Zoni now in her mid-40s still maintains her good physique. We were both kind of bored that hot afternoon. We went into the nearby woods and I watched her face light up as she saw the shack. She entered into it and looked out of the window at the woods, grinning. She seemed to be lost in thought. Soon she turned to me and whispered - let us get changed, nobody will see us!

I had noticed that she wore a shot skirt and a top which she pulled down on her shoulders showing off her cleavage. I looked at her real good this time. She had no bra underneath her blouse and the cleavage of her ample boobs showing off. I could see no panty line in her short skirt at all. I think she was naked under that skirt. I didn’t mind, Zoni had a hot figure and great cleavage – most Brazilian girls are like that – large firm boobs and wide swaying ass cheeks as if crushing their pussy while walking!

Suddenly she saw my hand to contain my bulging hard-on within my jeans and asked what was wrong. She insisted in taking having a look. I was all embarrassed, but she pulled my pants down and got on her knees. I could see right down her few unbuttoned blouse exposing most of her assets within. She reached out and held my cock and looked all around it and my balls.

It was no use as my cock got harder and harder. She looked up at me with that same sort of sexy smile began to pull my pants down more… She squeezed my cock firm and then quickly kissed its tip lapping precum. I was 32 – may be ten years younger than her and it was somewhat embarrassing, but I got a big throb in my cock when she did that.

Getting horny for my aunt was the thoughts I kept to myself, but I couldn’t help but harboring the pix of seeing her smooth cleavage and the swaying ass cheeks as she moved in front of me in the shack. She saw my reaction and hugged me real tight. She was breathing hard and whispered: oh my god…it’s BIG, hard down here! She pressed her full tits against my chest ran her hands under my t-shirt and on my back. She was breathing hard and gasping … She laid me on my back on the floor. I was now very horny myself. I now could feel her obsession for a young cock, I heard about long ago.

She started talking weird …. I’ve waited a long time for you. Do you like my tits, want to lick and suck them?…I know you do…well here…go ahead. She pulled the top of her dress down and there they were, her two beautiful firm tits shining smooth – now all for me to suck on. Am I sexy?….tell me if you do… she whispered in my ear, as I took off my jeans.

I kept on telling her that how hot and sexy and beautiful she was between licks on her big tits and light biting on her nips. She began squirming as she unzipped her short skirt to pull off. She moved me on top of her. My cock was resting right on her squirming pussy. She started to moan and slipped her hand down my pants and held my cock tight and started pushing me lower on her body.

We both got turned on feeling our bare skin and the warmth. She pulled me tight against her and my throbbing 8” cock between her legs. It felt wonderful.

I heard that Zoni used to become intimate with quite a few teenage boys in the neighborhood but short of fucking them. Rather she would reach in their pants and feel their cocks and have them feel her pussy and kiss and let them lick her tits. It was damn exciting and erotic act for her since long. The kids were great fan for her!

It was great to feel that she was opening her legs. She held my head and guided my tongue right to her clit. Her light coffee color pussy lips looked great – they were clean-shaved, soft, thick. I opened them with my fingers, OMG! The inner, I mean the pink colored slit was shining with her juices! I ran my tongue along the slit, she gasped in pleasure. I licked her clit like as she directed.

The sexual tension gradually built up in both of us. She was squirming and moaning as my cock was throbbing. I want to put my cock in her warm wet pussy. This would be my first sex with a mature Brazilian woman. She started pulling me up on her. Her hands were going wild feeling my body and my one thought was to put my cock in her. She whispered - do it dear, do it now, put your cock in me now. She reached down and held my 8” cock tight and guided it in her warm pussy. My cock almost reached the end of her cunt hitting the lump-like mass in her cervix – she shuddered!

Our much expected fucking began. I felt her wonderful tits as we fucked. I was losing control and so was she as our sex organs fucked hard and deep. We became like to animals, moaning as our bodies slapped together in a fury of erotic passion. She dug her fingers on my back hard as I massaged her tits with tight grips.

I was about to cum. She raised her pussy up and inside it squeezed my cock hard….I lost my breath…as I released big loads of cum shooting at quick intervals deep into her cunt – I kept on pressing my cock against her pussy. She held me tight and let her pussy spasm round my cock as she shook all overreaching a voluptuous orgasm and her whole body quivered as she climaxed for a long time…

We both panted for breath but kept fucking slowly, we both wanted a good fuck and she was without sex for a long time as she moaned to tell me. We lay in there after this most satisfying fuck and fantasized with an idea to keep her in supply of young boys, and me in supply with adult women. She got serious with the idea and we returned home with it before the evening.

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