My Black Psychiatrist

by Carol (Florida)

I told my hubby, Rocky that I’m feeling a little depressed and I would like to talk to a professional about it. He says ok and if you want me to come with you I will. I go on the Internet and I see a Dr Sikes advertisement. I call the number and schedule an appointment for three o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

I tell Rocky and he asks me do you want me to come with you? I tell him yes I would like that. Ok so now it’s the next day and I’m getting ready. I’m very tan so I think I’ll wear my little sundress and be naked underneath. We get in the car and drive to this beautiful private home.

Rocky rings the bell and this gorgeous woman answers the door. She says you must be Carol I’m Donna and the doctor is expecting you. We go inside and his house is magnificent. Donna takes us to his office and we’re sitting there waiting for him. The door opens and he’s tall and he’s also an older black man.

He’s introduces himself as Dr Sikes, but you can call me Ben. I tell him I’m Carol and this is my husband Rocky. Ben says nice to meet you two and we say likewise. Ben is staring at my big tits which are loose under my dress. Ben says to Rocky you can leave, Carol is in good hands. Ricky says ok Carol call me when the session is over.

Rocky leaves and Ben says lay on the couch and get comfortable. Donna comes in and said she’s leaving so it’s just Ben and I in the house. Ben asks me what’s wrong and I tell him I’m just depressed. Ben asks me is it your sex life and I answer no. Ben again asks are you sure and I tell him yes I’m sure.

He says he has an experimental treatment and would I be interested in it. I said if it helps sure whatever I have to do to feel better. Ben lowers the light and starts asking me about my sex life. He’s really getting personal, maybe too personal with me. I answer all his questions and Ben comes over to the couch and sits down next to me.

I said ok Ben what’s the treatment and he grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. OMG his cock is huge. He sits me up and pulls my sundress over my head and he says Carol you’ve got a gorgeous body. I squeeze my tits together and put a nipple in my mouth and say thank you Ben. He stands up and strips and his huge cock is in my face.

I ask him Ben are you going to fuck me and he’s pulling his cock and says do you want me too. OMG yes Ben give me that beautiful big black cock. Ben is sucking my tits and he’s using his fingers on me and I’m sucking his big black cock getting him ready to fuck me. Ben is now sucking my pussy and I say to him yes Ben get me ready to be fucked.

Ben is now rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy and says are you ready. I tell Ben give me your black cock. Ben sinks his whole cock inside me and starts to fuck me. Oh yes Ben fuck my white pussy give it to me Ben. He’s slamming my pussy with his big black meat and I’m cumming all over him.

OMG give it to me Ben with that he rolls me over and starts to fuck me doggy, my favorite. I can feel his big black balls slapping my ass. I turn around and ask Ben are you going to cum in my white pussy and he answers yes. I feel his cum deep inside my pussy and he pulls his black meat out of me and says Carol clean your mess. I tell him yes Ben I’ll clean it.

I love the taste of cum and I do my best to clean his cock. We’re laying there on the couch and I say ok Ben I have to call Rocky to come and get me. I pickup my phone and Ben is jerking his big black cock and says Carol what’s the rush. I know he wants my white pussy again so he lays on the couch and I proceed to ride his cock.

Oh yes Ben fuck me give me you big black cock. Ben grabs my hips and is slamming his cock very deep inside me. Oh yes Ben I love it fuck me Ben. He again cums inside me. I ask Ben if I can take a shower before I call Rocky and he says sure follow me. I can’t believe Ben is rock hard again and he picks me up and lowers me onto his cock.

OMG I’m squirting and Ben is really pounding my pussy. He cums again and I’m all fucked out. I get dressed call Rocky and say to him I’m ready come and get me. Rocky comes inside and Ben says Carol responded well to the treatment, but I want to see her again next week.

I say ok Ben and Rocky and I leave. Rocky asks me do you want me to take you next week, and I tell him no I’ll be ok. I can’t wait for next week to come so I can be fucked again by Ben and his magnificent big black cock.

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