My Black Friend, My Granddaughter and I

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

This story started out a few months ago.

My granddaughter have two kids she is a single mom so she is with her kids 24/7 with no breaks.

My wife thought Kimla needed a break from the kids so she plan to take them for a weekend to a town about 90 miles from home for weekend. The town is mostly entertainment for kids and adults to. Parks and museums comedy theaters and children theaters. Fun weekend for kids.

Susan tried to get me to go to but told her was not my idea so she was the one to do it and I would pay all expenses. The wife and kids went out of town Friday morning and would be gone all weekend leaving Kimla and I at home.

I have a black friend named Craig so I called him and invited him to go have a few drinks at a bar in town. He came over about noon and we hit the bars for couple hours no luck finding pussy by 4:pm so I called my granddaughter to come have a few drinks with us.

When she got to bar we had few drinks then she started asking about dinner and we had no plans so she invited us to her house for late dinner we accepted invitation. She said bring wine she cook steaks.

Craig and I decided we bring wine and vodka and OJ to.

We arrived at Kimla's around 7:30pm drinking wine waiting on late dinner then ate dinner finished wine.

Craig started telling Kimla how HOT looking she was and how he wish she was his woman. Kimla called me on the side and said she invited us to dinner not for sex. I told Craig what she said and he told her he was sorry didn't mean to offend her or anything by what he said.

We started drinking the vodka and I was making her drinks stronger than our drinks so she was feeling good quick.

We played a few hands of Rummy card games and Kimla said this shit is boring so I suggested strip poker and Kimla said ok but I am telling you now no sex. We all agreed but not meaning it.

We played a couple hours before all nude and I could see Kimla staring at Craig's BBC could be my imagination but think I seen her licking her lips a few times while staring at his cock.

Kimla never called me grandpa or anything of that nature she have always called me Bob and I called her Kim or Kimla. After staring awhile at Craigs cock she said this is first time I have seen a black cock.

Craig ask her what she thought about his cock she said it is very nice looking.

Craig went and set beside her at table her hand hanging down I knew she had hand full of black cock by then.

After a few minutes she said Bob if you don't want to see your granddaughter sucking a black cock then you better leave because I am going to suck Craig's cock. I told her to suck away because I am going nowhere but here and I would love to watch her suck his cock.

Kimla got down on her knees in front of Craig's chair and took his cock in her mouth and half his cock down her throat as far as she could get it.

I got on my knees behind Kimla and started finger fucking her wet leaking pussy. She said Bob what are you doing back there I said I was going to eat my granddaughter's pussy and ass.

I said you suck Craigs cock while I play and eat my granddaughter's pussy then I started licking her pussy and passed a few licks to her asshole to which made her take more of Craigs cock in her throat. Craig was moaning and telling me to do more to her she was giving the best blow job he ever got since I started licking her pussy and ass.

All of a sudden she choked and cum shooting out of her mouth she was choking and trying to swallow his cum at same time. Then she cum to and fell in Craigs lap gasping for air and trying to swallow his cum.

After she calm down Craig said let's trade places Bob I want to put this black cock balls deep in that white hot wet pussy.

I got in the chair and Craig got behind Kimla and soon as he started putting his big cock in her pussy it was like he put new life in her she was moaning humping his cock and she was having orgasm after orgasm she grabbed my cock and sucked it to my balls and it was like fucking a wild girl humping sucking orgasms after orgasms and us giving her cum loads of cum both ends then we switch around and do it again.

Kimla said it was first time doing it with a black but it damn sure will not be her last. She told Craig he is welcome in her bed any time he wanted it. It have been a few months since first time but Craig is a regular in her bed too.

Hope we can do a chapter or part 2.

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