My Black Friend, My Granddaughter and I: Part 2

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

It was getting close to the holiday weekend and we had no plans so far. Then about a week before our daughters from Louisiana called and invited us to Louisiana for Labor Day weekend, Friday thru Monday.

We accepted the invitations and made reservations at motel in Louisiana.

Kimla our granddaughter's kids dad lived in Louisiana also.

We invited Kimla to come with us but she did not want to make the trip so ask if we bring her kids to spend holiday with their dad so we agree to give them ride there and back.

After all arrangements and reservations made I started thinking hell chances of getting to fuck my daughters while in Louisiana was slim to none with wife around and daughter's husbands with us most of time.

So, I come up with new plan to stay home and party with Kimla whole weekend.

The night before we were going on trip I started loading suit cases and stuff for trip and pretended I hurt my back.

It was less than 24 hours before check in time at motel so could not cancel reservations and did not want to disappoint kids that been looking forward to spending time with their dad.

Susan my wife headed out at midnight for Louisiana with two kids.

At same time Craig was leaving Texas and would arrive around 7:am at my house. From my house we go to Kimla's house for breakfast.

We arrived at Kimla's house around 8:15 am she was still in a tee shirt night shirt white could see her brown nipples sticking out her back to us in kitchen we could see bottom of her buns shirt was so short.

I was already hard and ready for her. Looked at Craig's crotch he had a 10" tent in his sweat pants.

Kimla brought us coffee to table and I told her no use to wear a shirt that's going to show everything anyway so I pulled it over her head and she was totally naked.

She continued doing her dishes and wiggling her ass.

I told Craig her ass looks so inviting to my dick and he said we need to break it in this weekend like we talked about.
Kimla said look you old farts I done told you both my ass is exit only.

Craig said yes we know that but we plan to change that this weekend.
Kimla said I am not going to lie I have wondered what it would feel like to have a dick in my ass and a dick in my pussy at same time but chickened out every time I had the chance, I don't know why I chickened out but I did at last minute.

Craig told her she chickened out because guy's she was fucking let her chicken out we don't plan to do that.
By then we were all nude hard and all leaking precum just talking about it.

Kimla told Craig talk is cheap I prefer guys to walk the talk.
Kimla went to bedroom with Craig and I close behind looking at that hot inviting ass.

Craig and I set on the bed and I looked in her night stand and there was new tube of lube ready to be used.
Kimla got on her knees between Craigs legs licking his 10" cock and it look like it got longer.
I got behind her and slid couple finger in her sopping wet pussy and she took almost all Craigs big black cock down her throat. I was fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit she was humping my fingers then I started tonging her asshole and she stopped sucking Craig long enough to say oh yes Bob eat my ass it feels so good.

Then Craig got up on bed laid on his back she climbed on top and slid down on his big black cock balls deep.
I got in behind her that ass was looking so inviting and I been wanting to get balls deep in her ass for many years. Her ass was always so hot looking and like it was saying fuck me Bob.

I tongued her ass awhile then ran couple finger in and she really started humping Craigs cock then so I got the lube and lubed my dick.

Before she knew it I had half my 7" dick in her asshole. She screamed and sad damn Bob take it easy never had a dick in there so I waited for her to get use to a dick in her ass and she started to squirm and I started going in just minutes I was balls to balls with Craig both of us balls deep in her and she was having orgasm after orgasm.

Her ass was so HOT and TIGHT I cum and stayed hard.

We fucked her a good while before we both filled her with cum.
The second round Craig broke her ass in real good with 10" of very thick black cock.

She was in pain at first but after about 10 minutes of big black cock balls deep in her ass she was riding his cock like she been getting cock in her ass for years and loving every inch of it. For the whole 4 day weekend there was one of us either in her ass balls deep or in her pussy sometimes both at same time which she loved the best.

Next threesome we do we planning to put both our cocks in her pussy at same time if that works out then we try that hot tight ass.
I must say this was the best Labor Day of my life.


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