My Black Boyfriend

by Ron (WI)

I had seen Kenda around the neighborhood. He was a good looking black guy. He was nice and kind of shy, and had a great smile. The two of us started to become friends.

Just sort of the way that he acted I suspected that he might be gay, so one day I just asked him.

“No,” Kenda said, smiling shyly. Then he added, “But I don’t mind sometimes with another guy … just for fun.” He looked at me in a questioning and unsure way. “Do you ever like to?”

“I never have,” I confessed.

“Oh,” Kenda said. He shrugged. “I just thought that maybe if you wanted to … I wouldn’t mind.”

I grinned over the offer and he grinned back. “We could go to my place,” he said.

“Okay,” I said, still unsure.

We walked the block to his place. When we went in I didn’t know what to do. Kenda smiled, looking amused and delighted. He slowly leaned forward and we kissed. I felt the softness of his lips against mine. Our lips moved easily together and it felt good.

Then Kenda withdrew and he tugged the t-shirt he was wearing up and over his head and smiled at me. His lean ebony body was beautiful. Impulsively I leaned forward and kissed and sucked on his nipples. He liked that. I couldn’t believe that I was sucking on another guy’s nipples. It was sort of wild. He then helped me out f my shirt and returned the favor and licked and sucked on y nippes. I suddenly realized that I was really getting a boner.

Kenda was just so cut grinning like he did.

In a moment more we were both out of our clothes. Kenda had a boner too and I was amazed. His dick was not especially thick, but it was about ten inches long and a deep brown. Mine was just the average white guy six inches, somewhat thick, with a blushing purple-tinged red head that was nicely swollen out.

I reached down to feel Kenda’s hard dick and he smiled at me and let me do that. Again it was wild actually holdin another guy’s hard dick like this. I liked how masculine that felt. I stroked his sexual length for a moment and then, feeling particularly uninhibited, I leaned over to take it into my mouth. Geez! I thought. I actually have another guy’s dick in my mouth! The head felt incredibly smooth I let my mouth go wetly up and down on several inches of the shaft and then I pulled back.

Kenda looked just a little breathless. “Do you want to cream in my mouth?” he asked me.

He leaned over and took my rigid penis into mouth and started sucking on me.

“Oh, man!” I said as I watched my dick sliding in and out of his me than willing mouth.

“Ummm … Ummm …” I heard him say.

It was just so exciting being in his guy mouth and suddenly I couldn’t hold ack.

I started ejaculating, my liquid surging into Kenda’s mouth. My boner throbbed again and again as Kenda orally took my sperm.

Some of my excess release leaked out over his lips in thick white drops.

When I finished Kenda pulled his mouth away and smiled at me, having swallowed my semen with no problem.

I saw his long boner curving up.

“Let me have your dick!” I said.

I once more took his hard penis into my mouth.

Very quickly I felt him ejaculating his cream into my mouth. I could feel the repeated pulses against my tongue and I could taste his male flavor. All I could think was that I was giving another guy a blow job. It was so wild and so good!

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