My BF Lasts Longer

by Goamaria (Australia)

I am now a single bi-woman in my 40s. I loved sex from my teen years and have experienced sex over with a dozen bfs. In fact my sex drive is still insatiable - longer and harder fucks that I love.

When I fuck I want my cunt be ripped off, pussy smashed and my orgasms drove me wild. My whole body burns in excitement when horny and look for gf or bf - whatever may be, if not my dildos are there. My preference is real fucking with prolonged foreplay. I fuck not only with my pussy but whole body and soul!

This guy in his early 30s is the choicest of mine for now. He knows how to please me and quench my eroticism and highest of orgasms. He knows I love longer and hard fucks. After a day's foreplay, moving around naked, teasing each other with lots of touching, kissing, hugging, licking and fingering all holes, we wait for the night's quietness.

He is also a good pussy eater and in return I give him bj but short of he ejaculating! He lies over me missionary, his hard cock fitted with a cock ring still in me breathing, twitching, throbbing while I clasp the tool as hard as possible as if trying to milking it. This goes on for hours. I may have couple of shot orgasms but he is a good retainer to hold on with his ejaculation.

He disengages to use his innovation with his cock - he wears a sheath made of thermal material over his cock that retains bodily heat and adds a dotted condom. Now his cock becomes too thick, robust and quite large - ready to plow my cunt. He pushes a small cushion beneath my bum to raise my pussy area and slowly pushes his cock into my already slipper-juicy cunt as I open the pussy lips using my fingers with thighs wide-spread.

His cock almost plugs the entire length of my cunt. I now leave the pussy lips to cover the base of his cock. He starts his cock-play with my pussy. He bends himself a bit to suck on my nips while massaging my boobs as he picks speed of thrusting his cock deep into me. This goes on as long as we both wish. The thermal sheath retains the heat and hence we both enjoy the warmth of the cock and hole at the same time.

Now he starts piston-fuck me - drawing his cock slowly and thrust back it hard into me. OMG!! We go on for half-an-hour or so,as he takes some rest slumping his body onto me boobs. He resumes soon as my juices flow out providing slush lollop muffled sound. He utters dirty words as I do the same in response!! Bitch, slut, bang me bang me, mother-fucker etc are the common words. We go on doing this for almost 2 to 3 hrs. For a change I often assume dogie position or ride his cock at my pleasure. Wish the night is longer for our sessions. I reach so many orgasms - I don't know.

Both physically shattered, my pussy is sore, engorged, throbbing -- he takes off his sheath and we go for the finale. He fills my cunt with his hot cum hitting the end of uterus as I reach mind-shattering orgasms.

I almost limp for the next few hours in the morning. But I want more within a couple of days!!

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