My Best Friends Mom

by David (Illinois)

I flew in on a Thursday for my best friend, Mike's, wedding. Mike and I went to school together and were now in our mid 20's. Mike and I spent Thursday night out drinking and catching up on things.

The next morning Mike, his father, his brother and soon to be Father in Law went golfing while I slept in on the couch. Mike's Mom, Carol, who’s is in her early 40's and future MIL, Linda went to play tennis.

I had just climbed back onto the couch from taking a morning piss when I heard the front door open. I pretended to be asleep as I recognized Carol's voice. I heard Carol walk past the couch and was cussing to herself.

I opened my eyes slightly and saw Carol, who was wearing a tennis skirt with shorts, bend over clutching her left hamstring. Carol hobbled around the room for a few more seconds before I sat up and asked Carol what was wrong.

Carol was startled at first but after catching her breath she told me she pulled her hamstring while playing tennis and now it was going to ruin her having fun at the wedding. I told Carol I had taken massage therapy while in college and that I could have her healed up in no time.

Carol was a little hesitant, but decided she really had no choice. I told Carol to grab a pillow, a blanket and a towel and meet me in the back yard while I prepared some oils.

A short time later I met Carol in the back yard and helped her spread out the blanket, I had Carol lay on her stomach with her head on the pillow. I explained to Carol that this process will be in three phases. Phase #1 will be a soothing stage, Phase #2 was a warming stage and Phase #3 was a penetrating stage.

I started rubbing warm oil on Carol's left hamstring making sure not to get to close to her crotch. I noticed there was a little wet spot in her shorts under her tennis skirt. I wondered if it was from sweating or something else.

As I continued to rub oil onto her hamstring, I saw that the wet spot was getting larger. I thought, "What the hell, let's see how far I can take this". I moved onto Phase #2. I explained to Carol in this phase I would use my thumbs to massage her hamstring and there would be 5 steps in this phase and with each step I would apply more pressure.

I began massaging Carol's hamstring with my thumbs applying slight pressure. I was really starting to get hard, but could not let Carol notice this. I moved to step 2 applying a little more pressure with my thumbs. I noticed the wet spot was getting larger and knew for certain Carol was enjoying this.

As I moved to step 3 I figured what the hell, let's see where this will go. As I rubbed my thumbs up and down Carol's hamstring, I allowed my fingers on my right hand to push against Carol's pussy which was covered by her tight fitting tennis shorts.

I heard a slight moan escape Carol's lips and saw her butt lift up ever so slightly. "Oh my God, I have her", I thought to myself. So I applied a little more pressure with my thumbs and even more pressure on Carol's pussy with my fingers. My fingers were met by Carol's butt rising up and now the moans from Carol were quite noticeable.

I now stopped rubbing Carol's hamstring with my thumbs and was strictly rubbing Carol's pussy. I leaned down and whispered into Carol's ear, "are you ready for phase 3"? Carol nodded her head yes. I reached under Carol's tennis skirt and unbuttoned the buttons that held the skirt to the shorts. I slid my left hand inside her shorts and over her ass.

I slid my right hand inside her shorts from the bottom and place 2 fingers into Carol's hot, wet pussy. Carol pushed back so that my fingers penetrated deeper into her pussy. I had Carol roll over onto her back and asked her to remove her shorts.

Carol unsnapped the front 2 buttons and slid her shorts and panties down past her knees. I slid them the rest of the way off and positioned myself between her legs. I slid down and began lick Carol's pussy and flickering my tongue across her clit.

Carol had her hands on the back of my head pushing me deeper between her legs. I moved my way up Carol's body and began kissing her breasts. I then moved up and kissed Carol on the lips. I asked Carol if she had ever tasted her pussy before and she shook her head no.

I then got on my knees and placed my cock on Carol's lips. Carol looked at me and said she had never given a blow job. I told Carol today was going to be a lot of "firsts" for her. Carol took my cock into her mouth and I began to slide it in and out. I did not last long and grabbed the back of Carol's head as I shot a huge load of cum in her mouth. Carol licked my cock clean.

I returned my head between her legs and picked up where I left off. As I sensed Carol was getting close to cumming I slid my tongue to Carol's asshole and began licking her. Carol was enjoying what I knew had to be another 1st for her. I slid a finger into Carol's pussy and also slid a finger into her ass and began a steady finger fucking motion in both holes.

Carol could resist no more and as her back arched, her pussy opened up and gushed cum all over my face. I lapped up all I could and then slid back up to Carol's mouth and began kissing her. Carol seemed to love licking her cum off my face.

Boy is this going to be a fun weekend...

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