My Best Friend Son

by Marylou (Guam)

Me and my best friend (Sandra) grew up together since we were 5 years old in the same village. We went to the same school, we hang around everyday, until one day her parents got into a car accident and father died right at the car crash scene and mom was taken to the hospital and two days later she died too. My parents decided to take her in to our home to take care of her and raised her.

Now were both 47 years old, she married and got divorce with her husband, and I am married still with husband and 2 teenage children ages 22 and 19. She has 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl, now with 2 beautiful grand kids. Sandra is a single mom now and lived with her children except her daughter. She has a 24 year old son and 31 year old. Now his 31 year old son and I worked in the same company but different department.

Of course his son comes and see me in my office if whenever he needed something and he likes to flirt when I told him I'm old enough to be your mom and he just give me that flirty smile and flirty eyebrow his been trying to ask me out for dinner and I told him that her mom is my sister and I can't be having dinner with him as he is my nephew, but still saying that I still look young and sexy and I made him horny when he sees me.

One day I was working late finishing up my report, leaving the office at 8:30 pm walking to the parking lot to my car when I saw him standing next to my car. Mind you the parking lot is empty and the lights are not too bright to see car parked. So I ask him if he needs a ride and he said yes.. I said ok hop in we go I'll drop you home.. He hopped in a while we were on the road, he keeps staring at me and when I look I asked "are you ok" and he said..yeah yeah I'm fine it's just that you're so beautiful and i love what you wear tonight.

I told him to stop it his making me blush.. So he asked if I can stop by the store so he would get us a drink, while I waited for him I called my husband and told him that I'll be home late because I am dropping off my nephew home and he understand. He got back in and ask if we can just go to the beach to finish of the beer he bought before he head home, so I needed a fresh air to and he we head to the isolated beach and his drinking his beer while i sit there sipping one slowly and vaping telling stories on how I meet his mom.

2 hours later he started getting tipsy and I told him need to drop him off so I can head home, he refused. I look at him and say "we need to go" instead he walks up to me and look right into my eyes his hand around my waist and his body is so close to mine that I feel his stiff cock on my thighs. I told him to stop when his trying to kiss me but then he force his body so close to me.

Please I want you...he said

But you are my nephew...I said

No you are not my aunt, your my mom's best friend, and I understand that....he said

Standing next to my car while we both lean against it, he started kissing me on my neck his hands all over my body, then we locked our lips together kissing in a passionate way, when my mind is thinking so hard of what I'm I doing, my heart is beating fast.. Next thing I know he pulls up my skirt and his hands on my butt cheeks grabbing on to it moving me slowly to the back door and he opens it while our tongue enjoying it together. Next thing I know were in the backseat and his on top of me enjoying every inch of my body kissing it, then he pulls up my blouse and pull my bra down and start licking and sucking my boobs.. I was moaning in heat already hands all over his back..

Next thing I know his hands are rubbing my pussy outside my panty and still sucking and licking my boobs, I did not care anymore of what he was doing to me, I started to enjoy every bit of it...

Oh fuck I finally have you...he said

mmmm still moaning....

He stood up outside the car, lean in and pull down my panty down, sniff it and throw it in the car, i lay there smiling, then he spreads my leg, and there i feel his tongue tasting my pussy, i moved and he holds my leg down and start licking my wet pussy up and down, sucking hard on it, tongue fuck in my pussy, and suck on my clit.. My hands are pulling his hair moaning hard fucking his tongue deeper.

you taste so good...he

your gonna cum on my mouth and I wont stop eating your pussy till you cum again...he said while licking and sucking hard

I was cumming soon and he insert his finger inside my wet pussy and finger fuck me fast till I cum and he locked his mouth on my pussy and begin sucking my cums and continue licking me holding my legs down so hard that i can't even lift of, he made me cum twice.. After, he got up move the front seat forward and he climb into the back while i sit up and he lean on my face start sucking on his hard cock, licking every inch of it and gagging it down when my hands are on his ass cheeks pushing him in and out of my mouth, his balls are hitting my chin when he fucks my mouth hard.. I move my hand to his balls and start rubbing and squeezing it...

I'm cumming..oh fuck I'm gonna cum soon...he said

nodding my head cock still in my mouth sucking on so hard..before cumming he pop out his cock in my mouth and grab my legs and made me lay back on the back seat picks up my left leg and insert his cock hard in my pussy and fuck me so fast and hard when i feel a warm cum splash in my pussy and he keeps ramming hard to emptied his cum in me, after he lay his body on mine and his cock is still in me, he said he still want to fuck me again.. I just smile and he keeps pushing his cock in my pussy still and kissed me..

when his cock is mellowing down in my pussy he took it and we start putting back our clothes and drive off to drop him, while on the road he puts his hand down in my panty and insert his finger in my pussy rubbing it again, I turn in an empty side road and make him finger me till I cum again...

I LOVE U...kissed me.

NO PLEASE....I'm sorry for what happen..

I am not...should i see you tomorrow...


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