My Awakening Continues

by Bubbawubba (Texas)

After mom taught me how to jack off, I did it several times a day. It just seemed to increase the intensity and frequency of my erections. I got especially horny when thinking about being naked in front of her and her touching me. I was trying to come up with a good reason to repeat this. Mom soon gave me the opportunity.

One day when I got home from school Mom had a talk with me and told me that since I didn’t have a dad around, I could come to her with any questions no matter how personal and she would always help me however she could.

I asked if it was ok to talk to her about my erections and jacking off. She smiled and said anything I wanted. I asked her how often did guys normally do it. She said whenever they needed to. I told her I was jacking off several times a day.

She got this funny look on her face and her breathing changed and she just said “really?” I told her it was because I was getting so hard all the time. She said maybe because my penis was so large it was easier to stimulate.

I told her I tried hiding my erections like she told me but my dick got so big and stiff it hurt to be shoved down in my jeans all day at school. It was such a relief to come home after school and take my pants off so it could be free to stick out. Then I would always jack off.

I told her that I’d probably be more comfortable wearing something looser that would let my dick be free but it would probably show too much. She told me that it was fine with her whatever I needed to do to be more comfortable at home.

I told her I needed to go to my room and jack off and change. She just smiled and told me to go take care of things. Just the thought that mom knew I was jacking off was so exciting to me, I came almost immediately. I was so turned on, my dick remained completely rigid.

I could have jacked off again but I put on some loose sweat pants and no underwear. My dick stuck almost straight out making a huge tent in my pants. The glans and larger veins were clearly visible. It wobbled around freely when I moved.

I walked into the living room and instinctively tried to cover myself. My mom said “don’t try to hide it, let’s see you in all your glory.” I removed my hand and she said “wow, there’s no way you’re gonna hide THAT!”

I sat beside mom on the couch trying to watch TV to get my mind off things to see if my dick would soften. Mom stared openly at my bulge. She was breathing heavy again and acting nervous and fidgety. I was just a kid, I didn’t know how a sexually aroused woman behaved.

My erection raged and would not subside. It was near bed time so I told mom I needed to take a shower. She said good idea “you can take care of that” she said looking down at my dick bulge. We have one bathroom with a clear glass door. I got in and began soaping up my throbbing dick.

Mom came in and said “don’t mind me I just want to get ready for bed too.” She had never come into the bathroom with me showering before. She stood at the sink with her back to me brushing her teeth but I could see her looking at me in the mirror. I made no attempt to hide, I stood facing the door and began stroking vigorously.

Watching mom watching me put me over the edge. My cum erupted like a fountain. I squirted six or seven long thick streams against the shower door glass. My mom gasped and turned to watch. “Wow that’s a lot of cum,” she said. I knew I had to do more of this with her.

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