My Aunt's Drunk Friends

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

After I left home I began living with my Auntie and it was just her and me in the house. According to my folks she was the black sheep of our family because of her drinking and her unmentionable habits . . I think she was fooling on her husband before he died! Anyway now she always seemed to end up with one of her lovers spending the night.

One night I was awoken as I thought my mouth was feeling strange! As I got more awake, I realized there was a cock in my mouth, pumping in and out. I tried to pull back but the hand on my head held me close so that didn’t work!

“Don’t you bite me or I’ll hurt you bad!” He said.

He continued fucking my mouth until he shot his cum load and kept his cock in place so that I had to swallow! He then sat next to me on my bed and started rubbing my pussy through my panties.

A few nights later, a man walked in on me while I was taking a shower. We had a door but the lock didn’t work!

“I’d like to fuck you girl, but I don’t want to get you pregnant!” He said with a slur. “No rubber, you got anything?” With him still holding the shower current open I told him NO and yelled for my Aunt! She came into the bathroom and started hitting his man with a broom.

“Get the hell out of here you fuck!” She yelled at him!

The next Saturday night I got woken up by my Aunt yelling at another woman. They finally quieted down and I was just about back to sleep when I was awakened again by a woman kissing me!

“It’s ok sweetheart, just let Joyce love on you.” She said. I was in shock; sure several men had come on to me when they were either done fucking my Auntie or she was too drunk to participate. “Joyce loves you and she can make you feel really good!”

“Leave me alone,” I told her, “Please leave me alone . . .” She had slipped down lifted my night shirt and pulled my panties aside!

“See doesn’t this make your little pussy feel good?” She asked me. “Just lay there and enjoy this!” She was making me feel good; I mean how she licked me and even sucked my pussy lips into her mouth too! She continued to lick and suck my pussy until I got that crazy feeling inside and I experienced an orgasm!

“I’m glad you enjoyed that sweetie, how about you eat me now!” She asked me. Before I could answer she had moved around and was lowering her hairy and stinky pussy to my mouth. She first sat on my face as if she was going to smother me, but then lifted up enough I could breathe! So I pushed my tongue into her pussy and I could taste her! While she sure didn’t taste like someone just out of a shower, her pussy didn’t taste too bad I guess! She moved about as I licked her and then I tried sucking her pussy lips into my mouth! Let me tell you I got her lips and an entire mouth full of her pussy juices. I swallowed and kept sucking on her lips as I felt her slide her fingers down to my asshole and began to diddle me. She did push her fingers into my asshole and pumped me a little before she pulled them out and reached back to push her fingers into my mouth! She sure wasn’t acting like she was going to pull them out so I sucked them clean and when she felt me doing that she pulled her fingers back out and went back to work on my pussy!

So, wow, my first bi-sexual experience wasn’t bad I thought! Still quite excited the next day, I went up to the apartment above ours to talked to my Roxy, the single mother that lived up there with her son, Tommy!

“Roxy, I’ve got to tell you something, but please don’t tell anyone else, please!” I told her. “Last night one of Aunt’s girlfriends came to my bed. She licked and sucked on my pussy and I think I had an orgasm! Then she sat on my face and made me lick and suck her pussy too!”

“Slow down Susan, Roxy told me, “how wonderful you got to experience an orgasm! And you got to eat a pussy, but I have to ask you dear, how did she MAKE YOU SUCK HER PUSSY? I mean sure enough she pushed her pussy onto your mouth and it was a normal reaction to lick it, but you sucked it on your own, because you wanted too!”

“Well, I guess you’re right, no she didn’t hurt me to make me suck on her pussy lips, since she did it to me, I thought I was supposed to do it to her, right!” I answered. “Does this make me a bad person you know eating a woman’s pussy?”

“Susan Susan Susan, how can you be so ignorant at your age?” Roxy said laughingly! “I thought for sure you knew, well by now, that girls love girls anywhere, anytime, anyway! How many times have you come up here and found Karen in bed with me? Did you think she had just spent the night because she didn’t want to drive back to her place . . . HELLO! It was because we enjoy making love to one another, and that we trust each other, you know really trust each other girl!”

“Well I guess I never really thought about why she was sleeping in your bed, I mean you only have one bed, so if someone stayed over that is where they would have to sleep, right?” I asked.

“Susan, get over here,” Roxy reached out to me. “Give me a kiss girl!” So I leaned in and kissed her. “So how was that, we’ve kissed before, so how was this any different?”

“Well that woman kissed me really long and hard, it was very wet and she even pushed her tongue into my mouth!” I told Roxy.

“And did you suck on her tongue?” Roxy asked me.

“Well yes, I mean . . I . . er . . well yes I sucked on her tongue, sure I did.” I replied. As I shared that concept, Roxy pulled me in again and began kissing me, this time sliding her tongue into my mouth! She kept kissing and kissing and kissing me, and then she pulled her tongue out of my mouth and licked my lips!

“So that was pretty much just a straight kiss, right girl?” She asked me.

“No quite, Roxy, you were really kissing me, like on a date you know!” I told her. She pulled me back in and just pressed her lips against mine, I waited a few seconds and then I thought ok, it’s my turn so I pushed my tongue into her mouth and kept kissing her. When I thought we had kissed enough I started to pull my tongue out of mouth and she started sucking on my tongue and then we swapped and I sucked on her tongue! We finally finished our kiss and it was wonderful!

“So Susan, did we just have sex?” Roxy asked me.

“I don’t think so, I mean we just kissed right?” I again questioned her.

“Well who else have to kissed with your tongue and sucked tongues with?” She came back!

“Well, I guess no one else except Auntie’s girlfriend and you, just now I mean!” I told Roxy.

“I think you should find out your Aunt’s girlfriends name so you know her name Susan!” Roxy told me. “You’ve had sex with her, so it is only fair that you know her name girl!” “So since we’ve started having sex, by kissing and sucking on each other’s tongue, shouldn’t we finish this Susan?” With that statement, Roxy stood up, pulled off her top and pulled down her jeans, then her panties and then pulled my pajamas off of me! Then she took my hand and told me to come with her!

“Jeffery is still at school so we’ve got another good 3 hours girlfriend!” She shared. Roxy laid me down on her bed and after kissing me again she began to suck on each of my nipples and then moved right on down to my pussy. She spread my legs and dove right in!

“Oh my God Susan, your pussy is incredible girl how come we haven’t made love before sweetie?” Roxy was trying to talk with her mouth full of girl juices! I started rubbing her head and quicker than last night I began getting that crazy feeling inside me again. I grabbed two hands full her Roxy’s hair and screamed!

“My God Susan, you didn’t have to scream girl!” She told me. Lucky for me our neighbors are used to screams!”

“Roxy that felt so good, I mean, wow, you really know how to make a girl feel good!” I told her.

“I’ve eaten a pussy or two in my time!” She told me, “but now it is time for you to eat your second but not your last pussy, trust me girl!” Roxy told me as she lay down and pulled me down between her legs. I knew Roxy shaved down there but I quickly found out how different it felt lick and sucking on a pussy with no hair!

“My God Susan, are you sure this is only your second time eating pussy?” She asked me but she really didn’t want an answer as she was pulled my face hard against her pussy! She had an orgasm and just like last night my mouth was quickly filled FULLY of girl cum. I tried to drink it all down but some ran out onto her and the sheets!

“Roxy you cum as much as some of the men do!” I said.

“WHAT MEN SUSAN?” Roxy demanded.

I realized that I had just told about the secret cocks I had been forced to suck on those nights downstairs at my Aunt’s!

“Oh Roxy, please forget what I just said, please please!” I begged her.

“NO YOU TELL ME NOW!” She demanded.

“Some nights men that Auntie brought home came into my bedroom and they put their cocks into my mouth. They made me suck on them and they even shot their cum into my mouth. Some made me drink the cum down too!” I told Roxy.

“My God Susan, you mean they raped you?” She asked!

“A few of them did, I mean several put the cocks into me, but I never felt them cum and a few pumped in and out of me and I could feel their hot cum shooting into my pussy!” I cried! When that happened I always got up and used Aunt’s douche bag to wash my pussy. Roxy it is so horrible when men come to me in the night, I just hate it.”

“Susan, you’re so lucky you never got pregnant, so lucky!” Roxy said, “We’ve got to tell your Aunt, we’ve got to get you away from her!”

Roxy took me downstairs and talked to my Aunt. I couldn’t believe how strong willed Roxy was demanding that she take me with her! I watched my Auntie cry telling me she never knew her friends were fucking me, never she cried!

Roxy and I now shared her bed, making love to each. I fell in love with Roxy, not for just the sex but for her true love she showed and shared with me.

I so love my new life with Roxy, she is wonderful!

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