My Aunt Jackie

by John G (Fresno, Ca. USA)

In the summer of 1979, I was at my aunt Jackie's house attending a birthday swimming pool party for one of her daughters. I was sitting at a table truly bored to death because I was 18 at the time and the kids were considerably younger than I am and the only other people were their rich parents, so I'm having to listen them talk about banking, stocks and so on (Boring).

Suddenly I hear from behind me I hear my aunt say Well hello handsome! and she sits down in my lap she was wearing a dress that accentuated her 36-24-36 figure with the bottom coming down barely to the top of her thighs. She asked if I was enjoying the party and I replied Of course I was! she smiled and said great then she turned and started talking with her guests.

As she was talking to them two things happened 1 when she would shift her weight while talking her dress would ride up ever so little giving me a tantalizing view of her firm ass which led to 2 My cock begin to become erect soon it was at its full 8 inches and making quite the tentpole in my swimming trunks. I was at loss on what to do I mean, I have jerked off thinking about her once or twice sucking on her tits and burying my cock in her pussy fucking her until we both explode in orgasm. All of a sudden one of the other parents made a joke and Jackie laughed while sliding back into my crotch.

My cock was suddenly found itself wedged in between her ass cheeks something that she couldn't help but notice she turned her head and looked at me with a surprised look on her face I shrugged helplessly, she didn't say anything but smiled and turned back to the other guests she also didn't move her ass away from my cock.

She was talking to the guests and every couple of minutes or so she would move her ass against my cock rubbing from the base to the tip ever so slowly and then back down again, I thought OMG my aunt is drying humping me! She only moved her ass and kept her upper body still while carrying on a conversation with people on the other side of the table. After 5 minutes of this she suddenly stopped, stood up and announced I'm going to get something to eat, looked down at me smiled mischievously besides I seemed to have gotten quite the "rise" out of my nephew.

She walked off and I sat there completely red in the face not knowing what to do I couldn't exactly run thru all the kids and adults with a boner protruding in front of me not to mention getting my ass chewed out by my mom. So, I had to sit there until I had calmed down enough to escape into the house and find some privacy so I could release the massive load in my balls and wouldn't you know it? I couldn't find a private place for 5 minutes so I could jerk off.

Finally around 7:30 people started with everyone being gone by 8 I helped clean up the house with Jackie while we were doing this I would catch her out of the corner of my eye looking at me she would quickly look away. Then I noticed when i was behind her she would bend over showing her beautiful ass and then slowly stand straight up needless to say my cock was at attention again after the third time she turned to face me looked down and said I seemed to gotten a "rise" out of you again.

Yeah you did I replied she walked forward and placed her hand on my erection and slowly began to stroke it through my swimsuit while saying Wow you are big! I didn't realize how big you were when I was rubbing my ass on it earlier. She began to jerk me harder and asked me are you still a virgin? I replied somewhat embarrassed yeah!

She smiled don't be embarrassed then she looked me in the eye and said well then I'll be your first, she pushed me down on the couch and stood in front of me for a minute then she reached behind her back unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor then unhooked her bra dropped it exposing her 36C cup breasts still firm and perky even after having two kids she did bent down and took off her panties which were wet I noticed. She knelt down and undid the tie that held my trunks on and slid them down and off tossing them onto the pile of clothing.

My cock sprung free and stood straight up she smiled stood up straddled me reached down and guided my into her cunt, as soon as my dickhead pushed past her pussy lips my hips instinctively thrust driving the rest of my cock into her she cried out OH FUCK YES! she looked down and said let me do all the work stud with that she began to ride me slowly at first rising all the way up until only the tip was still in then lowering her pussy down until my cock was all the way in gradually she picked up the pace until she was fucking me as hard and as fast as she could moaning louder and louder as her climax approached I was sucking on her nipples rotating from one to the other. Driving her even more over the edge.

I could feel the need to cum rising in my balls and gasped I'M GOING TO CUM SHE CRIED OUT I'M CUMMMINNNGGGG and we both came together her body went rigid and her pussy alternated between gripping and pulsing around my cock as I pumped stream after stream of cum into her. I had never cum so much before.

There was so much sperm it even leaked out over my shaft, finally I stopped cumming she caught her breath smiled and said WOW I never had a man cum so much in me! she got off of me and collapsed next to me on the couch catching our breathes. I told her I should have worn a condom she replied don't worry I'm on the pill then she looked down smiled and exclaimed Oh my you're still hard! I looked down at my still erect cock smiled at her and asked do you want to go again? She smiled got up took me by the hand led me to her bedroom where we spent the rest of the night fucking our brains out.

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