My 60 yr Old Neighbor's Anal

by Czodias (Australia)

My BBW neighbor aged 60 or so, chubby with a pair of ample boobs, lives alone. We are quite open in talking about sex. I have gone up to her boobs and we had sex couple of times. She loved my 30 yr old hard cock, no doubt.

One Saturday morning I thought I would go to her place for coffee but saw she was in the bathroom. I called her - she said the door is not locked.

I got the hints, slowly opened the door, saw her having enema! First time I watched someone having an enema. Soon she was about to finish the process and asked me to go to the bedroom.

I was rock hard watching her naked and doing it. She entered the bed room wrapping a towel that hardly covered her boobs and thighs. I snatched off her towel - LOL! Her full body was exposed to me.

We kissed deep and cuddled for sometime while her hand found my hard cock. I took it out and pushed her on her back to fuck her hard.

But she stopped me and brought out a jar of Vaseline and took a dab to cover my hard throbbing cock and asked me to pout some into her asshole. She turned around and was on her four presenting her wobbly bum towards me.

I knew what to do!! My cock entered her hole rather smoothly till the whole 8" was buried deep into her hole. I drew her towards me by grabbing her waist.

I did not start fuck her immediately, rather enjoying the warmth of her hole and the squeezing sensation by her pussy muscles as if trying to draw my cock inside her more. She was writhing in pleasure and was moaning.

Suddenly she started to whimper talking dirty - fuck Fuck FUCK my son etc... I started pumping her hole, taking out part of my cock and then ram deep into her. Within five minutes of piston fucks I came with a series of mind blowing ejaculations.

I drew out my cock as it started to get softer and she slump down on the bed. I enjoyed the session as much as I did with her cunt but never knew that the ass could be equally better!!

Private Massage Turn Into Anal
Shirley (Las Vegas)

I was in Las Vegas on business and I was tired and stress from the meeting. So I had dinner and a couple of drinks shower and I called for a room massage, so two guys came and set up everything and had me lay on the table nude.

One guy worked on my upper body massaging my breast and the other guy work on my lower body he was massaging my pussy and my clit.

Oh my god I could feel myself cuming in the guy fingers!! Then they stop and ask me to turn over one guy was rubbing my shoulders and the other guy was massaging my ass hole, then he started to tongue my ass hole.

Until he lube his finger and he started putting his finger in and out my ass hole then he tried two fingers I was moaning.

The other guy raised my legs and he had a big Cock he started fucking my ass hole. I was saying give me more. Then he stop then the other had enter my ass hole going fast.

The other guy started on my ass hole pounding away at my ass, when he got tired, the other guy started on my ass hole again. He was saying I going to fuck your ass good. He was going so fast.

He started cumming when he finished, the other guy started riding my ass hole good, he said I am going to give you all this cock in your ass. Then he started cuming, when he finished I paid them for the services.

They packed up and said thank for your Business, what a Night to remember.

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