Mutual masturbation

by Terry (Australia)

Tegan and i have been married for 30yrs and we have one daughter Bec. Bec is 27 and still lives with us. Tegan and i have a normal sex life but she is not very into much.

Tegan works on a Saturday and starts early. I put my hand on her pussy this Saturday morning and she pushed it away. She then told me to please myself as she had to get up soon. I pushed my shorts down, pushed the bed cloths down and started to jerk my cock.

As i was jerking Tegan took her bed cloths and undies off and started to play with her pussy. This turns me on so much. Tegan had only just started letting me watch her masturbate. As she was getting into it i watched her start to play and pinch her nipple.

She had her eyes closed and starting to moan. This was turning me on so much. All of a sudden she said let me watch you cum so i got up beside her, she opened her eyes and watched me jerking, as she started to cum i was so turned on i started to cum all over her tits.

When i was finished Tegan go up a bit and sucked my cock for a bit. As i was laying back down a glanced in the mirror and saw Bec looking at us. We laid there for a while and Tegan said she had to shower and go to work. When she went to work i stayed in bed and all i could think about was Bec watching us. I dosed off for a while and then was thinking about getting up.

All of a sudden there was a knock at the bedroom door. It was Bec. She was in her bed cloths. She came in and sat on the side of the bed on Tegan's side. We talked for a while about general things but she was not her normal self. I asked her what was wrong but kept saying nothing.

I could not get up because i had nothing on. All of a sudden Bec looked down into her lap and asked. DAD, DID YOU SEE ME THIS MORNING. I asked her when, she did not answer for a bit and then she said when you and mum woke up this morning.

She then said she did not mean to but was coming to wake mum up for work. I then asked her how much did she see and she said everything. As i looked at her i noticed that her knight dress had come up a bit and i looked at her crouch in pale blue undies.

I started to get a hard on and i should not have. Bec talked about what she saw and she said she was sorry for watching. She sat there for a bit while i laid there and all of a sudden she asked. Dad, can we do what you and mum did this morning. I was dumb founded.

I looked over at Bec and i noticed her knight dress had come up i bit more and my cock was getting harder. I then told her we should not as she was my daughter. She then said to me, we are not going to fuck just masturbate together. She said she had not masturbated in front of anyone before but it turned her on so much watching us two.

As i was thinking Bec took her knight dress and coat off and she was sitting in just her undies. I was shocked at first to see my daughter in front of me almost naked except her undies. She moved over a bit closer to me and she opened her legs a bit more and i could see dampness on her undies.

I could not help myself and i felt my hand on my cock and jerking it. Bec then said to me, you are turned on like me dad, your jerking you cock. Bec stood up and pulled the bed cloths down and there i was, stark naked jerking my cock.

As i was looking at Bec she pulled her undies down and sat back down watching me jerk off. I watched as Bec moved her hand down onto her clean shaven pussy and play with herself. We just looked at each other and played with ourselves.

Bec laid down on the bed with her head down near my legs and i had a great look at her playing with her pussy. It was turning me on so much. Bec then said to me, Dad i want to watch you cum like this morning.

I do not know why but i asked Bec to put her fingers into her pussy so she moved her other hand down and opened her pussy lips and put 2 fingers in at first, then 3 and then 4. I was getting so close to Cumming when Bec asked me to put my fingers in so i moved my hand over and started to put my fingers in.

I felt her pushing down on my fingers and getting wet. It was not long and Bec said she was cumming. As she was cumming i felt her hand grab my cock and jerk it. I told her i was going to cum and she sat up and watched me cum onto her face and neck.

After i cum i felt her put her mouth onto my cock. All of a sudden Bec cum again. We laid there for a while and said nothing. I just kept looking at Bec’s pussy and my cock went soft. Just as i was going to say something Bec moved over and sucked my soft cock again.

I put my fingers back into her pussy as Bec sucked my cock back hard again. We stayed in bed until lunch time and as we were getting up Bec said to me not to say anything to anyone as she would deny it, but wanted more of what had happened.

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