Mums Legs

by Dave (Leeds, England)

I grew up with two sisters and my mum. My sisters were used to catching me cock in hand, usually with a pair of their knickers but I can only remember one tile my mum was the focus of one of my wanks.

This day happened when I was in my late teens. I was sat on the sofa watching some crap on tv when she got in from work.

"Hello, anyone home?" she called through from the hallway.

"Just me mum" I called back.

She appeared in the doorway in her work uniform. She worked in a department store in Leeds at the time and the uniform was a kind of fitted nylon coat/dress with popper fastenings up the front and tights.

she sank into the sofa at the side of me and sighed.

"Hard day mum?" I asked

"My feet are killing me" she replied. "Make your old mum a cuppa please Davie"

I Got up and did as she asked and when I returned she had kind of curled her legs round and was giving her feet a rub. I put her cup at the side of her and sat back down, noticing I had a view of far too much of her thigh's

"That helping?" I asked nodding to her feet.

"A bit, I feel like I've walked for days" she said

"Do you want me to move so you can stretch your legs mum?" I asked

"No its fine son, can I put my legs over you? she asked

"Yeah its ok, want me to rub your feet for you, I'll try not to tickle?"

She eased herself around and stretched out leaving me with her nylon clad calves and feet across my lap, causing the uniform to ride a bit higher.

She raised her bum and pulled it down a bit but not nearly enough to do any good.

After a few jumps and twitches she settled down and I was quite happy to sit there massaging her feet and ankles. Half an hour or so later and I heard her breathing change and looking closer I thought she had nodded off to sleep

"Mum? you asleep?" I asked gently

Mmmm? no just resting my eyes" came the groggy reply but within minutes she was out.

Now I've always been a leg and bum man and sitting there with a good view up my mums legs pretty much all the way to her pants and I was starting to get more than a semi on.

I decided to chance it and gently undid to bottom popper of her uniform to get a better view and got a bit harder... decision time...

I decided to go for the danger wank and eased my zip down, with a bit of fiddling I released my hard cock, watching my mum for any reaction...nothing I had my cock out in between my mum's calf's lightly rubbing it against her tights. It felt so wrong but so exciting I was rock hard and desperate for a proper wank but I knew if I did i'd wake her...the danger wank.

I eased my foreskin back and licking my fingers for lubrication started playing with just the head. Mum moaned and shifted slightly and I froze.

A minute later and I was at it again, licking my fingers and using them to tease my cock head. My cock just kept getting harder and it wasn't long before I could feel myself on the verge of blowing my load. I quickly pushed the foreskin back and pinched the end closed as I felt jet after jet of come filling up the hood.

Mum moaned and shifted again, I cursed tissues..nothing

"Fuck" I thought, "what do I do now?"...I did the only thing I could think of, emptied my cock into the palm of my hand and licked it off, then carefully put my cock away and zipped up.

I've never told anybody about that night. I still feel a bit guilty about it.

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