Mr Kim

by Carol (Florida)

I’m home alone again today and I’m laying in bed wondering what I’m going to do today. It’s hot and sunny outside so maybe I’ll get a massage by the pool today. I’m hoping Mr Kim can come here. I call and Mr Kim answers. I tell him hello Mr Kim it’s Carol and I really need a massage today. Mr Kim says ok Carol I’ll see you at twelve. I tell him great I’ll be waiting. I jump in the shower and put my robe on when I hear the bell ring.

I say it’s open Mr Kim come in. Mr Kim is a short bald Japanese man but he gives a great massage. He says where do you want to be massaged in the bedroom. I tell him no we set up a massage table by the pool. We go outside and I tell him turn around so I can put a towel around me. Me Kim laughs and I drop my robe and now have a towel wrapped around me. I lay on my belly and Mr Kim moves the towel so it’s only covering my butt.

I feel him put the warm oil on my back as he begins to massage me. Mr Kim asks where is Rocky and I tell him he’s gone away again. Oh his hands feel so good. Now he’s going up and down my legs and going under the towel but he’s not touching anywhere he shouldn’t be. Kim has been massaging me for about a half an hour when he says Carol please turn over. I do and the towel is covering all of my front.

Kim starts with my neck and shoulders and let me tell you I’m in heaven. Kim pulls the towel down and my big tits are exposed. He starts to massage my tits and I tell him this is t part of the massage. He says Carol don’t worry this is important part of Japanese massage. I lay back down and Kim is pulling on my nipples making them very hard and me very wet. He’s massaging my stomach and he pulls the towel off me exposing my shaved pussy.

I tell Kim ok that’s enough and I go to get up. He immediately puts three fingers inside me. OMG Kim is finger fucking me very fast. I grab his hand and say stop and Kim says why you don’t like what I’m doing. I let go of his hand and I’m about to cum. Kim looks at me and says it’s ok Carol you can cum for Kim. Oh yes I scream I’m cumming Kim please don’t stop. I cum all over his fingers and Kim puts them in his mouth.

I ask him do I taste good he answers yes. I’m laying there with my eyes closed and when I open them, Kim is now on the table with his rock hard cock about to enter me. I tell him no we can’t do this and I feel him enter me. ONG no Kim we can’t do this please stop. He’s fucking me fast and now he feels so good inside me I tell him fuck me Kin. Oh yes I’m going to cum again. I cum and I feel Kim’s cum inside me.

He climbs off of me and puts his cock in my mouth. I suck all the cum out of his cock. I lay there for a minute and Kim grabs my hand and says let’s go to your bedroom. He lays me down on the bed and says Carol suck Kim’s cock so I can fuck you again. He climbs up on me and puts his cock in my mouth. I ask him do you want to fuck my big tits. He says no Kim wants to fuck you and he gets between my legs and puts his cock inside me.

He fucks so fast but oh it feels so good. Kim rolls me over so I’m on all fours and starts to fuck me doggy. I love doggy because I love the way a mans balls slap against my ass and pussy. Of course I cum again and Kim pulls his cock out of me and cums in my mouth. Mmmmmmm I love the taste of cum and now we lay there. I was drifting off into a deep sleep when Kim grabs my hand and says I want to fuck you in your pool.

We go down to pool and jump in. Kim gets behind me and bends me over and slams his cock inside me. I feel two of his fingers go inside my ass. I tell him no Kim not my ass. He laughs and says Carol, Kim does what he wants to do to you. He grabs my hand pulls me out the pool and lays me on my lounge chair. Kim grabs the oil and puts some all over his cock. I look at him and say are you going to fuck my ass.

Kim says yes and pushes his cock inside my ass. OMG I love a rock hard cock in my ass. He begins to fuck my ass when he spots my big black toy laying on the table. Kim says Carol what do you do with that. I tell him everything and I love that cock. Kim is putting oil on it and he says now black crock wants your ass. Kim pulls out of my ass and I feel the head of my big black toy opening up my ass.

Kim has it about halfway in when I turn my head and say more. Kim pushes all twelve inches inside me and asks how does that black cock feel. I tell him magnificent and don’t stop. Then he asks have you ever had a real black cock. I tell him yes plenty of times. After awhile I tell him take it out I want you to cum in my ass. Kim puts his cock back inside my ass and starts to fuck me again. Kim says Carol grab that black cock and show me how you suck it.

I grab it and start to suck it. Kim is so turned on watching me do this he cums in my ass and I cum very hard also. Kim says Carol grab that cock and let him fuck you. I lay back spread my legs and start to fuck myself. Kim is jerking his cock saying you look so hot with that black cock going in and out of you. Oh yes black man fuck me with your huge cock. Wow I cum again all over my black toy and take it out and put it in my mouth to clean it off.

Kim cums all over my tits. Kim says let’s go take a shower. He loved putting soap all over my body and touching me. Kim asks how long Rocky gone. I tell him a week. He says ok Carol Kim will be back many times this week to fuck you and watch you play with that big black cock. Ok he kisses me goodbye and now he’ll be fucking me a lot more in the next week, I can’t wait.

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