Movie Night

by Carol (Florida)

Saturday night at our house is movie night, not just any movie. My husband and I love porn, the kinkier the better. He often goes to the adult store and comes home with a DVD.

Well he came home with this DVD called Indiana Joan and the Temple of Poon. I looked at the cover and said to myself what a dumb movie. Rocky, my husband puts it in the player and we start to watch it.

It was kind of boring as it was about a mother, father and daughter on safari in Africa. They are captured by natives and the female natives take the father away leaving the mom and her daughter.

The mother and daughter are taken to hut and there is the chief sitting in his throne. He’s a fat, bald black man but oh what a huge cock he has. The mother is laid on a bed and the chief is playing with her.

He’s grabbing her tits pulling her nipples and rubbing her pussy. Mom was like in a trance and she wakes up and the chief is getting ready to fuck her with his huge black cock. Rocky looks at me and says would you let him fuck you. I say to Rocky only if I didn't have a choice.

Rocky laughs and the chief buried his cock into moms white pussy. Mom is moaning telling the chief to fuck her. I’m getting so horny watching this but we can’t do anything until the movie is over.

The chief is fucking mom in all different positions and maybe m is loving it. The daughter is getting warmed up because I guess the chief is going to fuck her also. I’m so wet I’m dripping.

The chief cums all over mom and she is then carried away for the rest of the natives to enjoy. The chief now wants to fuck her hot daughter. The chief buried his big black cock deep in the daughters pussy. She’s screaming fuck me chief and I also need to be fucked.

Rocky goes and straps on my 12” black cock toy and when the movie is over he says Carol are you ready for the chief’s big black cock. I put Rocky’s hand on my pussy and tell him what do you think. Rocky says holy shit Carol you’re soaked.

I grab my black cock toy and say fuck me chief and Rocky slams all 12” inside me. I can’t believe how good that feels pounding my white pussy. Rocky starts to talk like the chief and I say yes Chief fuck me, give me all your black cock.

I love it as Rocky is now fucking me deep, very deep. I moan fuck me chief and I cum all over his black cock. This movie made me so fucking horny I tell Rocky so when are we going on safari.

Rocky laughs and asks me why. I tell Rocky because I want the chief to really fuck me. I want more black cock, so I grab it and put it inside me and I say fuck me again chief. Rocky slams my pussy and has all 12” inside me. I wrap my legs around Rocky and tell him fuck me hard.

I cum again and I’m almost all fucked out. I ask Rocky would you leave me there so the chief and the natives could fuck me. Rocky says would you want to stay. I say yes but only if you let me.

Rocky grabbed me and slammed his big cock inside me and says ok Carol so you want to be fucked forever by the chief. I answer yes I want the chief to fuck me whenever he wants to. Rocky cums all over me and we go to sleep in each other’s arms.

I can’t believe what I said to Rocky and now I hope he doesn’t come home with plane tickets to Africa. After watching the chief fuck mother daughter, I can only wish someday I’ll be fucked by an African chief.

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