Movie Night

by Marylou (Guam)

My boyfriend (Den) had been together for 2 years and we had never been into sex, yes we kiss but I pushed him back when I know his dick is hard. So one evening he asked me to go with him to get some movies for us to watch at his home after dinner. I went with him, stop by the store getting some drinks and some snacks.

While driving to his place he started playing with me by tickling my sides, "stop" I said and he just give me that smile and said "It's you and me tonight" I gave him the mean look and he just rub my cheek and said "don't worry baby" I promise it will be night we wont forget, I just smile and look out the window waiting to go to his place.

Finally we reached his place enter his home and I made my self comfortable while he walks into the kitchen and place our drink in ref to get cold. While sitting in the living room I decided to sit on the floor by the couch to get ready to watch movie with him.

He walked over and sit behind me with each of his leg by me side, so I'm there sitting in between his legs except I'm on the floor, he hand me a bowl of chips and a can of beer, I place them on the floor besides me munching on it and passing to his mouth looking up at him.

Half of the movie after we had 3 cans of beer, he started playing with my hair, he got up and sits beside me and start nipping on my ear and whisper "You know I love you right?" I look at him side way and said "Yes" why what happen?"

He turn himself to me one leg behind my back and the other leg under neath my legs and his hands holding my hips side ways and he started kissing me, I closed my eyes when our lips meet till his tongue started swirling around my tongue and sucking on it in a passionate way, his hands under my shirt rubbing on my boobs on my bra.

Kissing continue and it becomes so hot that i feel his hand on my boobs rubbing and pinching on my nipples, then he stop and took of my shirt, unclipping my bra and lean forward and start licking on my nipples till it gets so hard.

He begin to suck on it taking all my nipples in his mouth, suddenly I feel his hand rubbing on my pussy trying to insert his finger inside me, he whispers again " you are so wet" I told him because he burns me up, he smiled and lay me back on the floor (of course we have carpet) and taking off my short and slipping of my panty throwing it to the side, he kneel up and taking off his shirt and short to while i lay back and watch him.

When he took of his short I watched his 8 inch cock stiff out of his short. He lay back on me giving me a soft kiss on my lips and start going down to my breast suck on it for a short time going further down on my belly then finally down on my wet pussy.

When he was down on my pussy i couldn't resist but spread my legs and make him take my pussy, I feel him opening the lips of my pussy and insert his tongue in and out of me and flicking his tongue on my clitoris when my hands are all over his hair pulling him deeper to my pussy.

He picks up one leg and put it on the couch and he lays there taking my pussy so hard, sucking, licking, biting the lips, and locked his mouth on it making me moan hard, hips arching up and down on his tongue.

One finger inside my wet pussy finger fucking it hard till i scream I'm cumming and he pay no attention to me locking his hands around my waist taking me so deep that I cum on his mouth while my legs and body shaking trying to get him off but he seems to enjoy every bit of my pussy cum, when he finally done on my pussy he looked at me and said "I love you".

He got up pick me up and he sat on the couch telling me to sit on his dick, which I did, I climbed on the couch squatting down holding his dick in my hand stroke it 3 times up and down making him moan then I slide down on his dick slowly till I feel everything went in deeper.

His hands on my waist line holding it tight swaying me back and forth on his dick and he lean forward sucking on my boobs while I fuck his hard dick in my pussy, he holds me up and down humping so hard and fast moaning and gasping for air leaning back enjoying every move on his dick.

I know that he was cumming because he was hugging me tight and he started fucking me so hard and fast that even myself can't unlock his hug, he goes faster deeper till he explodes in my pussy, he rammed it hard twice to get all his cums out into my pussy. When he finally cum he kiss me and hug me still and I'm still sitting on his dick feeling it throb inside my pussy.

After the hot sex we lay flat on the floor naked, turn the movie off and fell asleep till the next morning again he just climb on me and start fucking me again in a passionate way that we both cum together. I so loved him but he has to go abroad to go see his families. I wish I can do it again with him.

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