Mother's Night To Remember: Part 9

by Susan (USA)

When Nicole and Randy asked to join us in my bedroom I knew it was probably because she was nervous about getting undressed in front Randy. I really didn't think that it had anything to do with the size of my bed. But that's okay if it makes Nicole more comfortable.

I figured that if I undressed then Nicole would find it easier to do the same. I turned my back to Steven and asked if he would unzip my leather skirt. At the same time I started to unbutton my blouse. Steven had a little trouble undoing the button at the waistband of my skirt.

I'm sure having Nicole and Randy in the room while he was wearing a girdle was making him understandably nervous. He did get the button undone then lowered my skirts zipper. After wiggling a bit my snug fitting leather skirt slid down over my girdle and I stepped out of it. I folded it and placed it over the back of a chair near my bed.

When I looked up I noticed Randy using this opportunity to see me for the first time in just my underwear. His stare lingered so I assumed that he approved. I smiled back at him as if to say, "look what you've been missing."

To further make my point I pulled back the covers, laid down and guided Steven by the hand to join me. I pulled the covers over us hopping it would make Steven more comfortable. Randy's attention quickly turned to Nicole as she started to take her dress off.

Randy anxiously helped her with the long zipper that reached all the way to her cute little butt. Nicole took the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She slowly turned turned towards Randy wearing her bra, girdle, and stockings. Nicole looked up at Randy with her fuck-me-now eyes and asked, "do you like?"

Nicole, honey you look stunning! Randy was totally overwhelmed with what he knew was about to happen. He was going to be given the privilege of slowly putting his already hard penis inside a beautiful eighteen year old girl. It felt more like a dream than reality. But here she stood, in front of him, waiting for him to seduce her willing body.

Randy wanted to savor the moment longer, but his powerful natural male instincts to insert himself inside Nicole and ultimately deposit his sperm where now completely in control. Susan kept an watchful eye on her daughter and boyfriend as she continued to masturbate Steven's excited cock through the tight front panel of the girdle he was wearing.

Steven couldn't ever imagine ever taking it off, it felt so incredible. His girdle fetish was being stimulated in the most intense way. He was in bed with a very sexy girdled Susan while wearing one himself. He was in girdle fetish bliss!!! Susan continued to watch the other two as they slowly progressed closer to having intercourse.

Nicole stepped close to Randy and held her tight young body against his. In a very shaky nervous voice she asked Randy's permission to undress him. He hesitated for a moment but then said jokingly that would probably be the next logical step I guess.

Nicole smiled back, kissed him and started to undo his pants. He was nervous what her reaction would be when she exposed his very generous penis. He hoped she wouldn't freak out and refuse him even trying to penetrate her. He knew it was very important to reassure Nicole that he would be very careful and allow her extra time to adjust to his size.

And if they were both patient the reward would be an incredible experience. Randy held his breath waiting for her first reaction. As Nicole worked to release Randy's penis she noticed what seemed to be a rather larger than normal fullness in his crotch. She just assumed he was already hard. She really didn't give it a second thought.

As she pulled down his pants and underwear she got her first look. She covered her mouth with both hands then looked up at Randy. Not knowing what to say at first she just kept looking at Randy then down to his very sizable penis.

"OMG Randy, your so big." She reached out and took his cock in her hands feeling that it was actually only partly hard. Then a look of total disappointment came over Nicole's face.

"Oh Randy, I'm really sorry, it's so beautiful, but I don't think this is going to ever fit inside me." All of Nicole's excitement and anticipation of having intercourse with this older man she had fantasized about melted from her body. She had only had one other penis inside her before today and that was Steven's. Nicole knew that he filled her completely.

Randy's cock being this much bigger just wasn't a possibility. Susan and Steven watched as they cuddled under the covers. Susan really wished that Nicole would at least try to have sex with Randy but she didn't interfere. She realized how disappointed Nicole must be but it had to be completely Nicole's decision.

Susan just laid partly on top of Steven sharing in his enjoyment of wearing a tight girdle. He couldn't stop thanking her for being so understanding and giving him the chance to experience this. Susan reassured him he could wear the girdle anytime he came over. Steven pulled her girdled body closer to his and kissed her telling her that he loved her.

Susan replied, "Steven I love you too."

Susan realized that they didn't actually love each other, but merely were mutually "loving" the sexual connection that had developed the last couple days.

End of part 9

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