Mother's Night To Remember: Part 8

by Susan (USA)

When we reached my bedroom Steven was crazy excited. He was already trying to unzip my skirt.

"Hey baby calm down. Don't worry you'll get to fuck me. We have all evening for that. Let's just lay down and cuddle for awhile. You can imagine what my girdle looks like under my leather skirt."

"Oh Susan I want you so bad. "

"Here put your hand on my bottom. Feel how firm it feels from my tight girdle?" Yes.

"Well just enjoy that for awhile and kiss me Steven."

"You're with a sexy women in a black leather skirt wearing a tight girdle. Savor the moment Steven. Just enjoy the moment."

He started to feel me up and down from my waist to my thigh. He lingered for a few seconds on my thigh. He was trying to find the bottom edge of my panty girdles leg. When he found it he pulled it from my leg and let it snap back. My girdle is so tight I was surprised he could get a hold of it. Determination I guess.

"Hey you, horny young lover. I teased. I found a girdle today for you to try on. Unless you changed your mind" His face lit up.

"Really? That would be so awesome Susan. Can I really try your girdle?"

"Well not the one I'm wearing Steven because it's to small but there is one under your pillow you can try if you really want too. Teasing again."

Steven lifted the pillow slowly not sure if I was telling him the truth. Then he saw it. He carefully picked it up looking at me occasionally.

"It's a high waist long leg girdle Steven. It's an extra firm so it might be a struggle to get into. Do you like it? Actually it's brand new sweetie. I ordered it online a couple years ago. They sent me a large instead of the small that I ordered. It's much to big for me so I just tossed it in my dresser. I'd forgotten I even had it till today when I was looking for a girdle for you."

Randy was nearly speechless, "Oh......... Susan I love you, it's perfect absolutely perfect. I can't believe you're letting me try it on ."

Steven just stood there admiring the girdle. Feeling the fabric and looking at every detail.

"Steven.......Steven.......Hey Steven." What Susan!

"Get over here so I can undress you. I wanted to see that beautiful young cock and balls that filled me with sperm last night."

He came to me and I couldn't get his jeans and boxers down fast enough. When they hit the floor he stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. He took his polo shirt and socks off so he stood in front of me completely naked. Holy shit I thought, what a beautiful young firm body. I quickly remember why I couldn't resist fucking him last night.

I took his already very hard cock in my hands and kissed the very tip. Precum had already coated the swollen head of his penis. I slipped his beautiful sex organ into my mouth licking the precum from it. I had to take it down my throat to get it fully in my watering mouth. I held it there till I desperately needed to breathe. After taking a breath I took it down my throat again. This time holding it there even longer.

Now that I had gotten reacquainted with this young studs beautiful penis I pulled it from my throat licking it clean. Looking up at Steven and told him it seems like a shame to trap such a gorgeous tool inside a tight panty girdle but lets see if we can get it on you. Steve's look on his face was priceless. He knew in a couple minutes he'd actually be wearing a woman's girdle. His hard penis pointing to the ceiling was hard to resist. I wanted it inside me so desperately but I took the girdle from the bed and held it out so Steve could step into it.

First one foot through the leg openings then the other. I pulled the girdles waist band up to about mid thigh. As he felt the tightness of the firm girdle starting up his legs he suddenly gasped for air and his hard cock was trembling slightly.

"Sweetheart your going to have to help me pull your girdle up. It's going to be a very tight fit. "

I licked the latest precum that kept oozing from his very stimulated penis and took it fully in my mouth one last time before it disappeared within the girdle. Buy working the girdle up from side to side we had Steven very firmly girdled. His hard penis was being held tightly against his stomach. I was glad to see it fit him perfectly. The first thing Steven did once he had the girdle on was run his hands over his cock and balls, then over his butt.

He looked at me with extreme lust in his eyes and said, "Susan this feels wonderful absolutely wonderful!!! I love you so much for letting me try it on."

He didn't stop running his hands over the entire girdle while looking down at it. After taking in all the sensations of wearing a tight girdle he took me by the waist and held me tightly against himself kissing me vigorously. I reached between us and stroked his hard penis being firmly held by his girdle. As I rubbed his penis through the girdle I was finding it very erotic. I knew wearing the girdle was very sexually stimulating for Steven. I was surprised it was stimulating me as well.

Maybe it was the contrast of seeing someone so masculine wearing something so feminine. What I did know for sure was Steve's not just trying this girdle on, he's going to be wearing it whenever we get together. By the look on his face and his very happy penis inside his girdle I'm betting he's going to agree.

While we were holding each other we heard a knock at the door. It was Nicole and Randy standing in the doorway still fully dressed.

"Mom we don't mean to interrupt but my bed is so small and with your bed being a king size we were wondering if we could join you guys." Omg I thought, this just got really interesting.

"Sure honey come on in and get comfortable."

End of Part 8

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