Mother's Night To Remember: Part 7

by Susan (USA)

I jumped in the shower first to give Nicole a little more time to recover from her first girl on girl adventure. I know she enjoyed it very much. I know I did. Nicole is so sexy and sweet. I'm so glad she initiated our first sexual encounter.

So long as Nicole is comfortable we can satisfy our curiosity and experiment. Having sex with Nicole excites me. Licking Nicole while Steven or Randy fuck me from behind would be so incredible. Wow maybe tonight!! I finished in the shower and Nicole was waiting to come in.

As we passed she acted a little embarrassed. I kissed her on the cheek and told her what we did was fine and don't feel bad about it.

"Nicole sweetheart you're wanting to explore your sexually is perfectly normal and healthy. I want you to be totally open with me about absolutely anything including sex. Besides I really enjoyed it too." Thanks Mom. She smiled and started her shower.

Now I have to decide what I'm going to wear, quickly. First of all I'll need to wear a girdle. Steven will be expecting me to be wearing one. And that's great because I enjoy wearing a girdle. Especially if I know it's turning my man on. Steve's girdle fetish is something that I intend to exploit as much as possible. What a great way to get and keep his attention.

Finally I picked out a black leather skirt that comes a little above my knees and a dark blue blouse that's very silky and shiny. No pantyhose because they will just get in the way later. I wonder if Nicole has an extra pair of stay-up stockings I could use.

She was out of the shower and in her room getting dressed so I grabbed my robe and went to her room to ask. Her door was open so I just stepped in. Her little black dress was laying on her bed and she was pulling on her long leg girdle.

"Oh your wearing the same outfit that you wore to lunch?"

"Yes mom Randy ask me to when he dropped us off." Oh ok that makes it easy I guess.

"Yes it really does." she replied.

"Say sweetie, do you have an extra pair of those stay-up stockings I could borrow?"

"No I don't I only have one pair mom, there kind of expensive."

"Ok that's fine I'll have to get some next time we go shopping." Mom you can wear these.

"No you already have them on under your girdle and I'm sure Randy would miss them. He looked like he was enjoying your nylon legs in the restaurant today."

"Yes he definitely did. He had his hand on the leg of my girdle under my dress. Then he started move higher but I stopped him when the food came." Didn't you like it?

"No I was loving it but I didn't want the waitress to see what was going on!! Here mom zip my dress up."

I went back to my room and got dressed. I was all ready to go then I remembered. I promised Steven a girdle for tonight. I went to my dresser and found a girdle I figured he would like and fit him. Then I took it and hid it under a pillow my the bed. You ready Nicole? Yes mom.

The boys were due to get here in about five minutes. Wow that's cutting it close. As Nicole and I walked down stairs I told her don't be surprised if you see Steven wearing one of my girdles sometime tonight.

"He really wants to try wearing one. It's that fetish thing. I told him last night that he could try on one of mine."

"Ok mom it's nice that your doing that for him." I'm sure he'll enjoy it. He got so excited when I put my girdle on for him before we have sex."

"He barely got inside me and he climaxed the first time I wore a girdle for him." So you leave it on while he penetrates you?

"Yes if I'm wearing the girdle I have on now. It has a split gusset. You know I never even wore a girdle before we started dating. He asked me to get one and now I kinda like wearing it. I knew you were wearing one a lot but I never paid any attention to it. Mom...... I have a confession."

"Oh what's that sweetheart."

"The first time Steven and I had sex I borrowed one of your girdles. I wanted to wear it for him for our first time."

"Oh! Nicole that explains why I couldn't find one for a couple days, then it just showed up. I wondered if you were wearing it. Sorry mom. That's okay Nicole I understand your motives. There's nothing wrong with wanting to please your boyfriend."

The doorbell rang. I looked at Nicole.

"You sure you want to do this sweetie?"

"Yes mom most definitely" " Then you better answer the door. "

As I watched Nicole walk across the living room to the front door I mumbled to my self Randy is one lucky SOB. He is so DAM lucky to be fucking my gorgeous eighteen year old daughter tonight! Maybe he'll save some sperm for me later. Oh that reminds me I have to insert one of those spermicide capsule at least fifteen minutes before Steven enters me. I can't forget.

Actually the pharmacist told me this morning that the morning after pill I took is good for about three days. So I'll just skip it tonight. Plus if Nicole or anyone performs oral sex on me tonight I don't want to have spermicide inside me. Nicole opened the door and in walked Randy and Steven. They were talking like old buddies. That's a good thing.

But I needed to get Steven off to the side and tell him that Randy is here to fuck his girlfriend. I'm not sure how he's going to feel about that even after screwing me last night. I took him by his hand and practically drug him into the kitchen.

"Ok Steven, just listen, first I want you to know that I'm wearing your favorite girdle under this leather skirt. Next I need to tell you that Nicole still wants to have sex with you. Ok now the last part. I thought that it would only be fare if Nicole and I were sharing her boyfriend then Nicole should be able to share my boyfriend. Steven...........Randy is here to fuck Nicole while I'm fucking you. And if all goes well there might be some swapping of partners later tonight. There's a good possibility you might get that beautiful hard cock inside both of us. So how do you feel?"

"Susan that sounds awesome but right now I'm so fucking hot for you I'm going to explode if I don't start making love to you soon."

Oh sweetheart I'm all yours. Let's go check with those two before we go upstairs. As we walked back into the living room we saw them on the couch just kissing. Randy had his hand up Nicole's dress again. He apparently doesn't mind a girl in a girdle and stockings either. Steven and I agreed we should go up to my bedroom and get "comfortable". There wasn't much arguing. In fact none.

End of Part 7

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